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Blessed are not the child with silver spoons but with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the one with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse. Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Reunion 2018 at Baruni Chingkhong

          An online massaging platform that brought us together as ReUnion, is a Whatsapp group where we bring our friends and introduce them to other friends. Here we share news and updates from around including our personal experiences. We chat openly and reach out for knowledge and help if there was anyone in the group of the needful expertise. We may be a musicians, businessmen, photographers or professionals in our real world but here we are a bunch of people who always a have a moment for our virtual friends. Created by Mr. Ithoiba Potshangbam on 16th July, 2014 the ReUnion is a daily dose of reality on our smartphones.

          With an aim to make ourselves felt in the real word we had a picnic on 22nd July, 2018 at a farm house on the foothill of Baruni Ching. This was the second time such a gathering was held for ReUnion. A calm and scenic place the farm house on the foothill of Baruni Ching was. A stream that flows beside the farm, a pond full of blooming lotus, the cloud covered hills at the back and lust green extends on all sides makes it a perfect paradise to hold our breath away from our usual daily crowd. A feeling runs through our mind that we are among the very early persons to picnic at these spots. Down the line in near future more people will throng this place once the surrounding private properties are well developed.

A pond filled with blooming lotus.
          While foods were being prepared the day started with a self introductory session. Later it was food, party and musicals till the end. The musician members arranged for the musical instruments and a basic sound systems. From original compositions to covers it was a surprise to see many ReUnionards present a song each. One special moment was the members sharing their concern to do something for the society though whatever small contribution they might be.

          May not be annually but the group plans to bring back such gathering whenever they can. To meet each other for the very first time, to seat and talk face to face, hang out and share some time in reality certainly makes us believe that we will be real flash and bone during the time of needs.

          The ReUnion still doesn't have a particular directional point of concentration but the members decided to come up with something in future. For now the friendship we made through this online platform, some of them will sure last for the rest of our lives. Most appreciation goes to all those members who had worked hard to make the ReUnion Meet 2018 a reality. From shoppers to cooks, programme conductors, photographers, printings, sound system arrangements, musical instruments, tent house hiring, transportation, financial contributors, venue and all those unseen factors that goes into to make it happen needs appreciation from all the members.

          Until next we are back to our smartphones again. But never to settle the dust that its going to be the fifth anniversary year of ReUnion next.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

27th Death Anniversary of Keisham Bira Singh

          For the second  consecutive year the public observation of the death anniversary of Keisham Bira Singh was observed on 16th August, 2018 at the residence of the decease at Oinam Mamang Leikai. Earlier in many years the observation of the departure of K. Bira Singh was entrusted to K. Bira Singh Memorial Trust. Apart from observing the death anniversary they also organized state level football, volleyball and kabaddi tournaments every year in memory of the departed here in Oinam. While we the family observes it every year religiously we are recreating the public observation since 2017 again.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Heartbreak at Ukhrul: Unfolding ShiRock 2018

Heartbreak At Ukhrul
U n f o l d i n g    S h i R o c k    2 0 1 8
Written by Lukhendro Keisham

This photograph is the prove of how up closed you can get during Shirock 2018 from the crowd to
the restricted area. The photograph is in its original and non of the image is edited or altered.
No zoom is used, date and time of clicking this photograph is 4/28/18 at 11:12 pm.
          Gone are days when we had to listen to music available only on cassette tapes that we possessed, or wait for some random lyrics with guitar chords to be featured in some monthly magazine. Gone are the days about the endless discussions and gossips of Woodstock videos as no one cares about the “western music” programme broadcasted on All India Radio (AIR) these days. The truth is that no one really cares about the past glories and memories except for praising or degrading what we had gained. We no longer limit ourselves to friends and elders to explore new music or artistes. The culture of music has been constantly evolving and if the trend continues, we could see many more golden eras of music to come. It is when we get stuck in the past for too long and fall short to accept the streaming generation that we sometimes find ourselves with conflicting views.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Shirui Festival 2018

Shirock 2018 main-stage at Bakshi Ground, Ukhrul.
          Visited Ukhrul town for the first time on opening day of Shirui Festival 2018 on 24th April. We started late from home so we reach the venue at dark after three hours drive from Imphal. All took a break at a temporary roadside food stall before reaching Litan. We were Akash Keisham, Ibomcha Oinam, Chandra Irengbam, Shyamsundar Nameirakpam, Rajeshkumar Nongthombam, Ithoiba Potshangbam and me, Lukhendro Keisham.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Annual Indane LPG Distributors Convention 2016-17 at Spring Valley Resort

          I was at Guwahati with one of my bestie Shyamsunder Nameirakpam for the Annual Indane LPG Distributors Convention 2016-17 on 23rd February, 2018. The convention was held at Spring Valley Resort, Sonapur and as the name suggest was an isolated scenic place with greenery prefect for holiday and naturalistic life. We represent Oinam Tanglei Indane Gramin Vitrak at the convention. Popularly known as Tanglei Gas it is the the only LGP distributor in Oinam, Bishnupur District, Manipur.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

To Lakhipur With A Purpose

          I was preparing for Tanglei Festival 2018 since the 2017's edition of the festival ended. Along with a team of young, committed and risk takers we were burning all possible lamps and oils to make the third edition of the festival by Oinam Sports Association as grand as we could in the name of Ibudhou Tangleibung, the village deity of Oinam. But after all the preparations and tight schedules I had to drop to attain an after wedding ceremony for one of my besties, Mr. Sandeep Kongjengbam Singh. The blessing is Tanglei Festival was postponed from 4th February to 2nd of March, 2018 and I had my chance to attain the ceremony.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Free Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery Camp

Date: 10th October, 2017
Venue: Oinam Lamdaibung Community Building

Organised by
- Oinam Sports Associations Association
- Shija Eye Care Foundation
- National Health Mission (NPCB)

          As a part of its continuous effort to provide health and medical service to the people of Oinam and the surrounding areas the Oinam Sports Association in association with Shija Eye Care Foundation and National Rural Health Mission (NPCB) organised a one day Free Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery Camp at Lamdaibung Community Building at Oinam Mayai Leikai.

          The eye camp was attended by doctors and medical staffs of Shija Eye Care Foundation which is a part of Shija Hospital & Research Institute at Imphal. One the day around 200 individuals from Oinam and the surrounding villages came for consultations. Of which 17 individuals of 10 female and 7 males who require eye surgery were given free surgery at Shija Hospital & Research Institute on the next day.

          Oinam Sports Association has been conduction various medical camps in Oinam from time to time.

Dr. Dinakumar Singh
Dr. Noornika Devi
Mr. Bikramchand Singh
Mr. Rohenjit Singh
Mr. Robin Singh
Ms. Pushpa Devi
Ms. Chenshila Devi
Ms. Bidyalaxmi Devi
Mr. Bruno
Mr. Dinesh Singh
Mr. Premjit Oinam