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Monday, November 20, 2017

Free Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery Camp

Date: 10th October, 2017
Venue: Oinam Lamdaibung Community Building

Organised by
- Oinam Sports Associations Association
- Shija Eye Care Foundation
- National Health Mission (NPCB)

          As a part of its continuous effort to provide health and medical service to the people of Oinam and the surrounding areas the Oinam Sports Association in association with Shija Eye Care Foundation and National Rural Health Mission (NPCB) organised a one day Free Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery Camp at Lamdaibung Community Building at Oinam Mayai Leikai.

          The eye camp was attended by doctors and medical staffs of Shija Eye Care Foundation which is a part of Shija Hospital & Research Institute at Imphal. One the day around 200 individuals from Oinam and the surrounding villages came for consultations. Of which 17 individuals of 10 female and 7 males who require eye surgery were given free surgery at Shija Hospital & Research Institute on the next day.

          Oinam Sports Association has been conduction various medical camps in Oinam from time to time.

Dr. Dinakumar Singh
Dr. Noornika Devi
Mr. Bikramchand Singh
Mr. Rohenjit Singh
Mr. Robin Singh
Ms. Pushpa Devi
Ms. Chenshila Devi
Ms. Bidyalaxmi Devi
Mr. Bruno
Mr. Dinesh Singh
Mr. Premjit Oinam

Saturday, August 19, 2017

26th Death Anniversary of Keisham Bira Singh

          The observation of 26th Death Anniversary of our beloved father Mr. Keisham Bira Singh was held on 16th August, 2017. It was held at the home of the deceased along with some of his closest colleagues, friends and people who remained very close to him while he was alive.

          The day began with a minute of silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul. A floral tribute was paid at the photograph of the deceased. It was followed by various speeches on the live of Keisham Bira Singh and their experiences with him.

          We from the family of Keisham Bira Singh would like to thank all the people who attained the day and their love, respect and beautiful words for our father. We shall ever remain in debt for everything you have done for him and our family. Our heart melts in tear like fresh wounds seeing you all again.

Monday, June 5, 2017

LCI Manipur Team On Way Back From India Surf Festival, 2016

LCI Manipur Team On Way Back From India Surf Festival, 2016
by Lukhendro Keisham

In front of the house we put up at Kolkata.
          15th November: We did the dismantling of the longboarding ramp along with a beach cleaning activity on the next day after the India Surf Festival. All the guest had left and we went ahead to give a hand at the after event activities under that scorching sun. Headed back to Rangers and we set up our tent there. Everyone rushed at the lagoon for shower. People were busy planning and collection materials for post - event media: review, photographs, interviews, etc.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tanglei Festival 2017 (Review)

Tanglei Festival
by Lukhendro Keisham

          Organised by Oinam Sports Association the second edition of Tanglei Festival was held from 5th to 12th February, 2017 at Tangleibung Ground, Oinam. It is a multiple day socio - cultural festival featuring sports, music, fashion, art & culture, human resource, food, health and hygiene related events along with the promotion of local business and entrepreneurs in the area.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Manipur Team At Fifth India Surf Festival



           9TH NOV. 2016: On 8th November, 2016 the Prime Minister of India declared demonetization of 500 and 1,000 currencies and ATM's won't work for few days. People went haywire the next day and the day we were to leave for the 5th India Surf Festival at Ramachandi Beach, Odisha. Like the rest Boris Nongthomba and I went to search and collect valid currencies. We were able to collect a reasonable amount of valid cash along with a short pre - trip shopping at Paona Bazar. Few shops were accepting the old notes still while all the non - Manipuri owner shops remain shut.

Friday, March 3, 2017


          During the 5th India Surf Festival we took our chance to visit the historic Sun Temple of Konark, Odisha.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Before the race and after the briefing
          The people at India Surf Festival nor the Longboard Crew India never thought it was going to be the first ever push race in India. Am talking about a longboard push race held from Rangers Adventure Foundation to Lotus Resort a day before the 5th India Surf Festival at Ramachandi Beach, Odisha covering a distance of around 13 km.