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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rock Music Manipur Vol. 1 (Review)

Rock Music Manipur Vol. 1
release review
Imphal, 9th of March, 2012

                                                                                                                                         by Lukhendro Keisham

                 With the recently declared 10th Manipur Assembly Election's results and the political transition underway the Yaoshang Kumhei greets the people of Manipur with a five days vacation. On the 9th of March, 2012 Rock Music Manipur, a community of rock music enthusiast from the state held a release ceremony of it's first ever compilation album to the people of Manipur as a gift to the colorful Yaoshang festival.

                 The releasing ceremony was held at YPO Yaiskul with a formal speech by Guru Rewben Mashangva and Vivek Sharma along with various personalities from the rock community of Manipur. After a short but graceful ceremony the much anticipated CD compilation was finally out.

                  The compilation has 37 original tracks from 25 bands and individuals of Manipur including 2 bonus tracks from Phynyx and Post Mark, two most renown rock figures of the state.

                  After the release the RMM MANIPUR TEAM set out for a distribution campaign of the compilation to various localities at Imphal where Yaoshang Sport Meets were held. It was truely an overwhelming response from individuals, clubs and organizations while conveying the message to the youth and individuals present at the venues.

                  Interpreting the launch as a remarkable achievement the RMM plans to make this initiative big in its next edition, Rock Music Manipur Vol. 2.

                   Credit goes to all the bands (featured or non featured), fans and those associated who came forward and shared their willingness to make the initiative rewardingly successful. This humble gift from RMM to the people of Manipur will sure slice a deep impact to the social and cultural trend of the state.

                **After the distribution campaign to various leikais (localities) the event crew set down for a light refreshment at a first food cafe. It was dark as the team breaks up at the end of the day.

1. A 4 Apple
2. Chem Weed FM
3. Cleave
4. Cygnus
5. Dark Reign
6. Dead Mobster
7. Deeparaj Oinam
8. Dinesh Khundrakpam
9. Eastern Dark
10. Fringes
11. Guru Rewben Mashangva
12. Hari Oinam
13. Imphal Talkies
14. Kradle O' Beate
15. Poirengambam Thangjam
16. Redolent
17. Phynyx
18. Post Mark
19. Sandrembee
20. Scribble Link Purgatory
21. Uttam Haobam
22. Vivek Sharma
23. White Fire
24. Wild Flower
25. Yuthak Wah

Track List
01. Koubru - SANDREMBEE
02. Philava (Prince of the Mountain) - GURU REWBEN MASHANGBA
03. Gone Forever - A 4 APPLE
04. In The Fight - IMPHAL TALKIES
05. 7 Years Devastation - CLEAVE
06. Land Of The Free - FRINGES
07. Killers Don't Cry - DEAD MOBSTER
08. Singju Kanghou - EASTERN DARK
09. Take Me back To Yesterday - KRADLE O' BEAT
10. Till Deathh Do Us Apart - WHITE FIRE
11. Freakonomy - YUTHAK WAH
12. Maibi Jagoi - DEEPARAJ OINAM
13. Stop The Killing - VIVEK SHARMA
14. Demon's Nightmare - CHEM WEED FM
15. We Shell Overcome - HARI OINAM
16. Washak - UTTAM HAOBAM
17. Memiries Of Sunder Griha - DINESH KHUNDRAKPAM
19. Ocean Of Love - CYGNUS
20. Coming Home - REDOLENT
21. Seven Swordsmen - DARK REIGN
22. Nungcb - WILD FLOWER
23. Ougri - YUTHAK WAH
24. Plague - SANDREMBEE
25. Waiting - KRADLE O' BEATS
26. Haiyu - WHITE FIRE
27. Ride To Destiny - VIVEK SHARMA
28. Princess of Arabia - CLEAVE
29. The Retiring Rebel - DARK REIGN
30. All Here Is Fallen - A 4 APPLE
32. Freee - REDOLENT
34. Bobok Na Hai - EASTERN DARK
35. Mamagi Macha - IMPHAL TALKIES

Bonus Tracks:
01. Woman - PHYNYX (recorded in 1996)
02. Soar High - POST MARK (recorded sometime in late 1980's - early 1990's)

Yaoshang Sports Meet Venue Visited On The Day:
Singjamei Chingamakha
 Nambul  Mapal Youth Club, Keishamthong Ahanthem Leikai
Young United Club, Kwakeithel Moirang Purel Leikai
Young Pioneer Organisation, Yaiskul

Some music personalities present during the releasing ceremony:
Bobby Nameirakpam
Boycha Konjengbam
Guru Rewben Mashangva
Ingocha Thingom
Paras Nongmaithem
Vivek Sharma

Media Coverage
Doordarshan Kendra Imphal, (DDK Imphal)
Information Service Television Network, (ISTV Network)

Photographs by:
Boris Oinam

Personal Thanks to:
Bagio Mutum
Boris Oinam
Dinesh Sharma
Eroz Laishram
Ithoiba Potshangbam
Phuni Babu Oinam
Ringo Pebam

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Rock Music Manipur, RMM
Visit: www.RockMusicManipur.com

**All the names mention in the post apart from the original track list are listed in the order A-Z.



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