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Blessed are not the child with silver spoons but with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the one with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse. Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Blind Fold

Last night was my best friend's birthday,
She took my arms and said that she need me,
Hold me and take me to the roof top,
Cos I'm drunk and I wanna be close to you.
A best friend is only just a best friend,
The best guy is the one with the true heart.
So when I tried to make her know that what I feel,
She breaks away saying am the one with the dirty mind.

Do you know that we all die,
For the love and salvation.
Is it wrong that we all try,
To be the best of all we can.
Wondering how I couldn't breath,
At the end of all this life.
Couldn't bring the old days back,
When our days are yet still lift.

Join the process,
The walls are falling,
Our bridge are crumbling down.
Do you know that,
A wild like heaven,
Can bring us all apart.

A blind fold,
Is all that I need,
Cos' I hate,
The way that she pretend.
A blind fold.

You know that its not a mistake,
We did it all together last night.
You put your hands around my shoulder,
So you don't blame me to the other side.
Taking back at the first place,
I didn;t force you in anything.Counting back at the incident,
You did it ll from the inside.

Who's that mocking?
The right one standing,
Down to mirror sky.
You complained nothing,
That I can confess,
So you don't act that smart.


Anguish bleeding,
A misunderstanding,
The roads are heading blind.
For God shake heaven,
A wild life breeding,
The rooms are getting hot.


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