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Monday, December 5, 2011

THE KILLER FILLER - 5.1: In The Name Of the Lord

The Killer Filler - 5.1
In The Name Of The Lord 

by Lukhendro Keisham
     Since the beginning of time the humans are on the run to create the most invincible weapon. Believing it would protect them without the sense that they are creating monster, a weapon so invincible that they themselves fail to defeat still. Fired and tested it turned out to be the sharpest and the deadliest weapon humans have ever created for themselves, the mother of all divides. Mastered with the science of super-natural and superstitions he invented the art of a different form of free will crime called religion.

     We are blessed with countless number of gods and goddesses. May it be an Atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Science we all are free to go by our will. Let’s learn, choose and practice the god of our choice for we are free to guide by our own will least it bounds under the laws of humanity. Instead we on the contrary to reality are fighting upon one another putting forward a set of un-natural laws. If someone fails to obey his religion whom are we to punish them? Nobody owns a religion except follow.

     We are all learners and practitioners, not the religion itself. A religion should not support violence and we are not messenger by birth either. We were not sent to punish the sinners or the chosen one to fight the holy war. Though unnatural or technically false people still choose to live upon such believes. Whatever the destiny is our present is still with us and is very much happening right now. The matrix of life is infinity and the chain is broken daily replacing it with new ones.

     What's in a reincarnation with no memories of the past? With no clue of what lies ahead in the next world and the true purpose of the present life we are flying blind to unknown. Promising eternity with a few self written guided lines by man himself is less strong to support a lifetime that could create hundreds of such philosophies.

     Denying the existence of god by giving themselves a name may burn as a catalyst on the ongoing war between different believers too. Haven't the dark existed the light would have been unknown. An Atheist or a Scientologist should not be a fresh child to help create a new different.

     The past may not shape or determine our future but sure does the past memories truly brightens our thought. We call this as experience. Nobody is borne to be slave in any form and everyone is free to follow and live upon his dreams and believes.

     But who is saving whom? The men are saving the gods and not gods saving man. Apart from the myth and epics the world has no trace of gods saving man but man saving them in the forms of prayers, priest, believes, etc. all spreading their own wisdom. The epical movies of god revolve around themselves. Self written and acted we can also be anyone we wanted at any point of the story.

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