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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Good Damaged Girl video release (review)

                  The Dirty Strikes released it's first music video Good Damaged Girl on the 11th of August, 2012 at The Classic Hotel, Imphal. Organized and managed by Club Muzik the event was participated by fans, artist, video crew, bands, promoters, film critics, media personals and invited guest. Directed by Chaoba Thiyam the video featured Tonthoi Leishangtham, an upcoming and promising actress from Manipur.

                 After the video screening it was followed by live performances from Pilliwinks, Rubicons and The Dirty Strikes. The Wishess had to cancel their slot due to the sudden decease of their bassist Sumanta Thounaojam on the 9th of August. Club Muzik morns the death of the departed soul with a minute silence during the Rubicon's session.

                 With both local and national media covering the event the new music video marks the beginning of a new era in the rock music scene of Manipur. Synchronized with live music, video screening, food and interactive sessions it was a fun-fill event. Gossip passes by that more rock music videos are on production lines and will soon be available to the fans.

                  Club Muzik thanked the bands, artists, promoters, media personals and guest who made the evening a memorable one. The event management team also announced a monthly rock music event soon as the next initiative on their voyage of promoting rock music in the region.


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