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Thursday, September 13, 2018

27th Death Anniversary of Keisham Bira Singh

          For the second  consecutive year the public observation of the death anniversary of Keisham Bira Singh was observed on 16th August, 2018 at the residence of the decease at Oinam Mamang Leikai. Earlier in many years the observation of the departure of K. Bira Singh was entrusted to K. Bira Singh Memorial Trust. Apart from observing the death anniversary they also organized state level football, volleyball and kabaddi tournaments every year in memory of the departed here in Oinam. While we the family observes it every year religiously we are recreating the public observation since 2017 again.

Candle lighting session.
          This time it was the 27th Death Anniversary and apart from inviting people only from Oinam we extended the invitation to all the villages of Oinam Assembly Constituency. Due to limited arrangements we stick only to a limited number of guest picking few each from all the villages randomly. They were those whom our father had worked and lived closely with when he was alive. As always it was so fulfilling to see the warm and familiar faces again whom we use to see almost everyday around us.

Prayers by a Meitei Hindu brahmin for the departed soul.
          The day began with a candle lighting ceremony followed by a minute of silence in the name of Keisham Bira Singh. Later the guest spoke about the life and experiences they had with the deceased. It was a congregation of his friends, students, colleague, families and the current youths of Oinam. With prayers by Meitei Hindu priest the day ended with a traditional Meitei feast in which around 200 individuals set down for the meal.

Youth of Oinam paying floral tribute at the photograph of Keisham Bira Singh.
          We from the families of Keisham Bira Singh would like to thank everyone who came and paid their respect to our beloved father. Also the local media personals, relatives, elders, friends and recent youths of Oinam who made the day complete. We are so blessed to have you all.

Keisham Bira Singh

A moment of silence for the departed soul.

Lukhendro Keisham paying floral tribute to the photograph of Keisham Bira Singh

Jayabati Keisham, daughter of Keisham Bira Singh.

Keisham Lata Devi, daughter - in - law of Keisham Bira Singh.

Neighboring ladies preparing vegetables for the feast.

Media personals and photographers during the event.

Laying out the food for the feast, a typical Meitei feast.

Mr. Baleshore Longjam as the host of the day.


Baba..Every time danao place flowers on your grave, he realize how fragrant you made his life. He miss you baba. ...bless him with abundant health and wealth from above.we all miss u.

Thank you Api for all the warm and lovely feelings. Hope our baba listens to your prayer.

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