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Saturday, August 19, 2017

26th Death Anniversary of Keisham Bira Singh

          The observation of 26th Death Anniversary of our beloved father Mr. Keisham Bira Singh was held on 16th August, 2017. It was held at the home of the deceased along with some of his closest colleagues, friends and people who remained very close to him while he was alive.

          The day began with a minute of silence as a mark of respect to the departed soul. A floral tribute was paid at the photograph of the deceased. It was followed by various speeches on the live of Keisham Bira Singh and their experiences with him.

          We from the family of Keisham Bira Singh would like to thank all the people who attained the day and their love, respect and beautiful words for our father. We shall ever remain in debt for everything you have done for him and our family. Our heart melts in tear like fresh wounds seeing you all again.


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