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Blessed are not the child with silver spoons but with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the one with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse. Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BUTTERFLY.......(lets make the world a little more better)

Butterfly flying high,
Shopping every juice,
The walls that you see,
Is flatten with the fire.

This piece of smoke wouldn't light the sky,
But makes you wait till it reach its wick,
To cross a garden you tired your wings,
But make a wish to grand for it.

A man keeps a fence,
With watered everyday.
But knows where will it end,
Is the beauty that he sees.


From the fresh of my mind,
I could tell it only to you.
Couldn't bring anything you want.


The way that they come to see you,
It seems a little warning,
To turn the ropes around,
For you ride so far on crying.

I know I could hear alright,
The way you make me feel about.

Reaching for a sky,
Looking for a light,
Waiting on the shadow,
You loose them in the woods.


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