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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Killer Filler 4

Battle of Kings

               The pen is not always the mightiest. We may adapt to any environment but the one with better adaptability adapts better. The kings fight their battle in the land of kings.

               A bridge crumbles and the paramedics are needed, the heavy rain turns out to be a disastrous flood and a whole family was stabbed to death in a group clashes, somewhere or sometime we all need help and support. If a country develops a long range nuclear warhead then the neighboring countries are in serious threat. Million of dangerous truth whooping around this world. A communication breaks down and the two country locks horn, a change in decision and a million death in an instant. If everything is fair in love and war why does war crimes and legal divorce exist? Not all the diplomats are diplomatic and the rest are not for freedom and peace alone. To gain a share of bread, to find a reason for reasoning we are all self minded first. Responsibility is great but much greater is the respect for that responsibility. Freedom and peace needs blood and bone. Though topsy-turvy the world still floats in its path, a glass ball as beautiful as nothing compares we praise. Thanks to the executive decisions that we still have a place on this earth.

               The politicians with their political protocol rides the holy chariot in the kingdom of man. There may be hegemony in the kingdom of kings but not in the country of integrated humans.

               Dare not only the soldiers who care free fights in the frontline without the sense of right and wrong but all who fights their own battle, win or loose. Grounded or rooted we need to sow the seed of our future. Place yourself on the position of those politicians and you will realize how hot is it to sit on a frying pan. They experiences the greatest failure in life. Ours is individual, them the country. Weather you agree or not they are the one who dare come out in open against the various anti-social element which we prefer to remain unknown. Few even broke their own heart to be this man for the people. Haven't they existed this world would have been worse. But most of us hate them. We hate them because we don't know them. We hate them because we see bad politics and bad players, most of them for self satisfaction. Reality lies in front of us, we all want to play safe and earn lucrative happiness. A chessboard instinct we all posses on dealing with self crimes. If politicians don't then who will? We complain and speak against them but not try to change this system. The citizens of all country decides and elects them, in the land of unknown the stranger rules. After they have done so much for us we end up calling them Royal Frogs.

                If tired of politics take a stand. May be arrogance but renaissance this is, we only complains. The system needs us to be a change in order to be changed and this makes us a player too. The country is not only for the politician, ruling or oppositions we should find our place where we can fit in. One goes, another comes and they all ends up the same. Hope the people will choose and elect the right and not make another complain.

              The world won't change in an instant nor gets better overnight. Make ourselves better by ourselves will be the easiest way to start with. Keeping in track of the peaceful life the others lived we can help ourselves learn to live and not survive. Teach the children that we are part of this world and not only of a country or community. The good built this land and the bad fought for greatness. Every great man of war and peace are as humble as to be a human. We all like to be great and praised among our own people. Nothing remains forever, everything will fade away fast and slow. The hunt for glory, the fame of success, the warmness of the nature is all mixed up with the taste of blood. A heritage from the past, nothing last forever.

              There are individuals who for a change took to funding children for school. If a few of us start giving a hand the world will be a much better place soon. Let's not compromise ourself to the unseeing truth of inhuman acts but give ourselves a chance to knowledge what is right. The children may not get all the best things in life but will grow big and strong to choose his or her way of survival. We all love our children and does look forward in seeing then have a happy life. So let's make our children play with good kids by building up the unfortunate kids and this way we would have change this halves of the world.

               At present the politicians nor the social factors are the real threat to the society but the many faces of fear which acts as a resistance to our peace and freedom. It is this elements that influence us politically. Weather home grown or foreign sponsored they are always a threat to the society and bully to the people. Please stop supporting the wrong child.

"Let's change through mobilizing and not violating.
A hundred is only a hundred among hundreds.
Friendship is what every friendship does, we all have one.
Afraid of death, do we stop living?
Why am I and not someone else? Are we real us?
Live not survive. Our life is not only for learning."

              Right are plenty and wrong never existed in real. Everyone has their own ideology. Take a walk and imagine how lonely you will be if you are to do all your task alone. You fall on your knees and no one cared. Standing in the boulevard, lost in the dreams of never ending complexities the road will only grow bigger and crush you when it falls on you. We should not only be clean and clear to set our own rules and judge our own good but for others too. Politics was never bad, politics is what politicians do. Let's not make it bad if few people say so. If you can, come forward, join them and save your people. We are only good in digging out faults and zero dare to risk ourselves for other. Every generation can be blamed if we think that the later generations are not on the line to their teachings and enlightenment.

              We have watch this world through our eyes, let's watch them from the eyes of everyone, their truth and peaceful glories. Let's change for all, not for our own selfishness. Nothing was really bad or wrong, may be we were ill informed and taught wrongly to take to good and right.

              If someone is doing good we should not relent them by digging out unrelated faults. They deserves to be praised. Decades passed by scolding the politician. A day or two we get in a week from our hectic office works is the only day we get to speak in our mother tongue, so we don't accept any invitations. Of friends, family or personal activities we spend our days hardly include politics. The smell of the soil, the taste of the streams and the life of the wild are all ours and it's our right to make them right.

              Highly unpredictable we human are if you are into politics. Dream for the sky but never let it fall over you, a never loosing attitude they live upon. And if the sky falls they remain fallen waiting to rise again.

              Not all the astronaut goes to space and not all do to earn. With a smile on their face every actor hides their hidden side and we watch them pouring out ours emotions. As polite as a politicians when the election approaches. An eye catching figure they are campaigning for publicity with a passion to solve half the problems of the world in a day. So charismatic they are that they can level all their dignity and integrity for the people. Though we hate or less support them they are the intellects of our time. Really high this politic is. If they want us to crawl we will be crawling, if he wish us to sleep we will find ourselves asleep. She may be a real beauty but never ever her beauty can tame him.

               Apart from the common voters are the one who serves the government. They are the direct reach to the government. In order to shape up the country it is very important that they too should be involved in the state's affair and not wait until the flood touches their floor. Aiming for the main stream the rivers are flooding away on the side ways. Predictions are for unpredictable. Believing on the right that it is less useful to worry on those we never knew will be blinding. Learning bounds no age but learning at the right age sure makes it more affective. We know no politics because we never really tried. Better be well being rather then collecting useful scraps. Today will be very late to predict the coming days. A lifetime we get is the only key to open as much mysteries we can in this world.

               A person with a twenty years of political career will never want to quit without making a mark, without proving a right. A million of righteous mind exists in this world, a million of us reach adulthood daily and gets more confused to choose our way of survival. Politics bar no age. Some turns 360 and support all the sides. Same goes to the voters, a take here and another there makes him five different personality if he roams around promising to support the whole five contesting candidates. How are we choosing them? How well do we know them? If we don't try then we will be left unknown. Some even considers it more important to take a nap or go for a movie on the day of the election instead of casting their votes. We bury away our responsibilities on the will of our self locked up ideology. We may be doing good but not good enough. Politicians will come and go as always and nothing is going to change unless we judge the changes.

            Nothing makes sense in this world except we try to make it sensible. Had boxing and wrestling be not sport then it would be violence. We all do politics, the only difference is we stand only for our own. The gods disappeared, the kings became powerless and the politicians are becoming more intelligent day by day.

             Politics has become a tedious topic. Nothing compares anything. The bridge our ancestors architected and engineered will still crumble if we don't invent it with better ones. If the government is selling jobs then we are the one who is buying it. If we don't buy them then someone else will. And if we all stop buying then they will sale it in a different way. We are the one to be blamed for we made them up. We should join hand irrespective of which community we belong and draft the best prospective together for we the common man knows very little and usually misguide ourselves to carry forward our struggle wrongly.

             We all do things in our own right. Life's habit never changes in an instant. We don't talk about hell, and the heaven is what we imitate. Standing on the edge of the cliff with arms wide open against the heavy wind, getting high all alone will not join back the broken pieces of our lives. Never be lonely in this world or else we will be left lonely.

             We the people make rules and both the side uses it, right or wrong. In this thing call politics we are always forging a different war. The war of mouth will only end the chaotic way. Half the world's problem may be solved if the political issues are resolved. When the kings fight what will their subjects do? Human for humanism and politics for politicians. This may not be the whole truth but also true that we should always be prepared to face the reality.

             Let's burn the priest and not the Gods and Goddesses. Bringing down a government will only bring down the country. Be not politician to be a politician. Not only politicians but every individual fights their own battle. In this battle of kings we are the one who are set forward to stand on the frontlines.


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