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Blessed are not the child with silver spoons but with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the one with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse. Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Killer Filler 2

                               Nothing Is Unchangeable.
                               If God ever existed,
                               He must also change.

              We all have an instinct to follow on our own,to judge and predict our own success and failure.May it be wrong or right we always want to do things our own way.It would be wrong to say that we are here for a purpose but true to the fact that we are here to make a purpose of our own.Life would never be prosperous without peace and happiness nor would have been so beautiful without experiencing the high and lows.Being professionalism doesn't mean that we are right and perfect.Love,the most unprofessional human emotion would never be so perfect had it been professionalism.Peace is all that matters in one's life and the rest,secondary.The world has never been perfect but we all still believe to be as perfect.We all have brains but humans are different.Imperfection is the nature of perfection.Whatever we think and do we all have an uniqueness.This is what our purpose to life is.

              History repeats.A storm will come and everything will start from the beginning again.The end of the world,the end of mankind,weakening our minds of hope,peace and freedom.Shading us with fear.Should we submit us to them?True that nothing last forever but sure does things last for some time.No mass destruction will come to destroy us soon enough that we start living our lives as an spendthrift.Yes,everything does last for sometime.

              Count how many organizations your community has?Does it really necessary to be in such a number?It is we ourselves who breaks our own peace,unity and integrity.We are the one who only claims for a separate entity,a separate body, land,organization and even separate husbands and wives.It is well distinctly verified that we are haunting ourselves.

              The politicians are not only the one who hungers for wealth and power but also the private and social organizations too.To run the organization a.w.a earn a fortune of their own.Along with them brings indifference,hate and acts of unholiness.They sack the government but never the riot makers.When a common man gets killed by the state soldiers they protest but never or hardly when killed by the underground or the terrorist outfits.We all make mistakes but never these organizations.When a soldier gets killed who rise for the soldiers?They are our brothers too.A brother to a sister,a son to a mother,a husband to a wife,father to a child.A very interesting human behaviour,these acts really proves them of something.We really need to get our eyes stay focus on both the sides.Interfering in almost every aspects of governance,law and social activities they really made up to be among those who is making our lives more complex.Some of them are a real diseased-child from the wombs of those infamous cold-minded individuals to make it to the big tables.But some really do to save,guide and protect us.We now have a countless numbers of organizations working and operating with their own ethics,believes and thought.We believe that only the sound of our voice is not enough to be heard but wealth and power.Money may buy anything,not truth.But considering what happens in court rooms then we are left with spirituality truth alone.This can be deceiving too.Why not we have only the necessary ones which will serve all our purposes?The answer lies well within each one of us,to make ourselves educative and mobilizing.We are part of the system,not the system part of us.There are a number of well published statements flooded with lessons our ancestors has bestowed us.The cultures changes with time and we need to be changed in accordance to these changes.We are changing and so does these world.Since time immortal a countless number of wars and battles have been fought and some still going on.No matter who or what we are,we all have a common brotherhood from the root of our ancestors.The beast never slips the taste of  blood.A song once learned sure hums a day.But we are neither the beast which is inhuman nor a song which is lifeless.Money may or may not buy anything but really does brightens our mind.Money is just a machine we invented,it has a taste not life.

                Mistakes may be wrong but not a crime always.May it be to drop a waste unprotected or type a word wrongly we all make mistakes.I will no longer need this body when my life stops.The spiritual a.w.a materialistic happiness we posses shall all fall into that hole,wasted.Believing so we cannot ignore whatever we feel is unnecessary.Self love is the first love everyone conceives.May be irresponsible,easy going,reckless or unworthy of being ourselves but we are still us,all unique,free and untamed.The law,the people,the society,they are all created by us.We make up this world giving,taking and sharing what we have.Our mistakes may be blamed and punished but we can't be tamed.Like the sun,the moon,the stars and the planets we too exist in a system of people,government,society and the world.Lets be self aware of the fact that if we grow the world also grows.But if we fall,we only falls.The world still stands.We may be the creator or the architect of this system but the power to drive them is not under us.We are part of this system,not the system itself.Our invention made our lives easier but self destructive too.A mistake which doesn't take a turn is not a crime and we are not so late in making this world better.If we don't,no one will.The few true activist we have are too few to fill the missing gaps.Lets be sincere on what we do and be more sincere to those who trust us.

               The past and the present has been warning us of any storm coming our way,to be prepared or face them strong.If this is our prophecy then we are flooded with wisdoms enough to get ourselves prepared.The only thing lacking is trust among us.

               Social activities are termed as grass root politics.May it be educational,social,political or economical bodies,health and religious concerns,they are all among us dissolved.The service they render is for the people and off the anti social elements.Though socially it plays an important role in the making of the society and the country's political stability it is one of those area which remains as one of the most tangible part in the society.The social organizations are the most powerful weapon the citizen of a country possess,to serve,guide and protect themselves.Not all of us has a heart as big as theirs.But every individuals are unique,can be very different sometime.A need to have an active view to the activities of these bodies.It is one of our duty as a citizen of this world to keep a track and be aware of their activities.

             Not only freedom but peace,not only unity but love and not only emotions but health.Money alone doesn't change hands.Every aspects in our life changes.Evolution,revolution,civilization, these are all meanings to the change.Let there be organizations,not organized criminals.


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