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Blessed are not the child with silver spoons but with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the one with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse. Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Killer Filler 1

                            " The man and his machines,              
                              The ethics in search of loyalties,
                              Romancing the winds of fortune.
                              In between these hemispheres,
                              We are the one who falls apart. "

          Brought up in the city of lies.Evolving from the trend of hollowing the wealth among ourselves. Competing, struggling and fighting in the name of love, peace and freedom. A nature still natural from the past.

                            "- Who are we?
                             - Is this our own planet?
                             - Are we safe enough at our homes?
                             - What lies ahead tomorrow?
                             - Do we trust each other?"

           A million of questions put together the minds of the people when asked about the world. The news that frightens us daily with the increase in the birth of new organizations,a new generation or a separate body fighting for a cause.An increase in every activities of the world,of social,political and economic. Should we care for the environment,peace or for the integrity of our same old diversification? Whom do we save first? Its almost too late that we understand the faces and values of our resistance. The world is parallel and everything relates to each other. A bigger war to be fought, a bigger battle to be won, explore the universe, bless ourselves with the only lifetime we get and also to set ourselves for a better ending,all in the name of mankind without blood, sorrow and violence. This is how we use to speak among us. We are running out of the resources that fuels us and we are left with only few decades to live free from a new hard life. We are responsible for everything happening around us. Fighting and quarreling among our own brothers and sisters to make a mark, to be differentiated, to be unique. Poor humans, ruining themselves, destroying the planet from centuries. Many a reason for all the violence in this world.Fighting for my religion,my language, my culture and my ethics. Where will all this be when this world itself will be no more? Whom do we complain when we are left all alone? With no parents to shoulder, care and forgives us  we all will be an alien in our own world. Our leaders with their unfulfilled promises still governs our society. Their circle of change:another goes, another comes which always turns out as another filler to the killer, a culture call the killer filler. We all wishes for a happy world, a great today and a much better tomorrow but always ends up as another dream from an abandon child. We have time for our goals, passion,family, living and survival but hardly for the world, our earth. The world belongs to all of us and so thus the responsibility to take good care of it as we belongs to this world too. We talk about peace and harmony,richness of life but always turns down when it question our integrity. Some of us really tried and still trying harder to solve this but too little for the whole world. They need our hand, the hands of every individual in this world. Or may be we are not bound to follow other, the leaders. Our attitude of complaining and less praising for the others. Since time immortal, we all are busy creating our own space, our hunger for power, name and fame. History proves. This is how we came to this world.

            The father goes out to hunt while the family waits for the bread of the day. When hunger strike, the warmness of the mother nor the knowledge of our education can bear to hold back the thirst of involvement to any job or task to satisfy the need. We need to be well aware of the situation and make necessary arrangement to not leave anyone hunger on this earth. This should be the first priority against all others like social, education, unity and integrity etc. Whom do you want your homes to be guarded by, the extremists of the common people or the governments we elect? They have a lot of difference to compare them in between. It is we who give birth to both the sides. We are lucky that we are born with this life. A life we aren't even sure to give a meaning for our existence. May be we are born to live, wild and unprotected. The Triangle of Life may not hold true but our journey of life is affirmative and its real. Lets not waste it fighting and comparing.

           Yes, killing don't cure. A need to change the view towards changing this world and a need to change ourselves for this world. A human first rather then a son to a mother or a husband to a wife. The leaders has only a little fulfillment of their promises. The world is deflected from its path and we are not safe anymore in our homes, our families are in danger. The citizens of the world are in deep trouble. We have been targeted, pulled, tortured and slaughtered from both sides. A modern day massacre. Always a subject in this terrified chain incidents making us stand forward to get hurt. Hardly the leaders nor the intruders suffer in the process but common man like us. A curse to be a common man rather then being poor and miserable. In between this war of the high thinkers we are the one who still falls apart. A centuries old pain which we are forced to adapt to. The great civilizations and the never ending cultures of the world, lost in the mist understanding the human behaviours. The true spirit of life is living,common sense. Dream big and it ends big,a miser will always be a miser. May it be nonsense or sensible enough to be understood, big thoughts, though it ends up small it is always worth the thinking and a miser is just a situational habit. Bless are not the kids born with silver spoons but the one with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the kids with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse.Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.


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