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Monday, April 19, 2010

SUMMER STORM,2010 (Preview)

* picture credit: Overture India

             The Lamb of God is coming to town and it seems like things have started to be in mayhem.Termed to be the most popular rock band of real time,these metal lords are the biggest ever band going to sat their flames on the Indian soil.The only international band ever visiting India before they gets old.Unlike other big bands played in the country they are one which has a different taste and genre.The fans had never been as big as ever of heavy music as this time.Seems like things have already changed and is taking place in disguise.Said to be one of the most deadliest,the most brutal and the most heaviest band in the world these Pure American Metal drillers is coming to play in India.The Indian fans had never been so welcoming to get a drop of noise from their most desired metal icon on the planet.It will be a dream come true and a once in a lifetime chance to see such an active band so close to our eyeballs,live.

             Both the organizers and the fans are in full action playing their parts.The social networks like Orkut and Facebook has been flooded with discussions and comment talking only about the band and nothing else.The fans in the Facebook community has well exceeded thousand fans and the early bird ticket sales has all been sold out within few days of its start.It came as a surprise to the news that these Grammy nominees are coming to India.No one and hardly anyone had ever guessed or expected of such a big band coming to this country on their hay day.It was only after the official confirmation from the band that they are to land in India for the 15th of May,2010 on their official pages.Bangalore's Palace Ground will be the granted venue of the event which is considered to be the only soil to withstand such a big and heavy loads of the crowd and the necessary conveniences.The cops and the organizers really have to put an extra effort.The city's transport system (autos) will really be pleased with the extra late night earning from the breaking crowds after the concert.There use to be always a shortage of transport to the concert goers in this venue and so they have to walk a distance to get their moving seats.But thing will be different this time.The taste of mosh pit,music and head bangs you just had will accompany you the rest of the night.

            The air around the city is mixed up with the heat of the summer and the force of the storm coming its way from Richmond,Virginia.An early bird tickets of 1,000 passes at Rs.950* (sold out) is been put up by the Overture India.The first 1000 ticket buyers are automatically entered into a lottery, which could give them a chance to meet Lamb of God or win some official merchandise from the band.The Box Office ticket on the day of the show is priced at Rs.1,300* (very limited).Some free merchandise winners have been announced by the Overture India on their official twitter updates.

           It is also officially confirmed that the Lamb of God will be supported by four bands of the country:Bhoomi,Boomarang,Extinct Reflections and Scribe.A must watch among the many Indian bands.With fans going to be flooded from every part of the country and the neighbouring countries the concert is expected to be one of the biggest in the history of India.To those who are attending the concert,make sure you be present in the venue as early as possible.To get the recent progress about the event follow them on "Twitter" and "Facebook" where they are most active.With this episode of Summer Storm,Bangalore will not only be the already metal capital of the country but also the most aggregated venue of big rock shows in the country.Welcome friends and folks,this is all yours,safe and sound.Had there been heaven for hell then here it is Bangalore,the heaven for metal on rock.

               Ten tips for those who are attending:

1. Reach the venue as early as possible, as there could be scuffles  and you may miss your chance to get inside even though you have your passes. Reaching early will help you to get good parking space, avoid long queues and other security procedures etc.

2. Wear light cotton clothes, it will keep you cool . Wear shoes which are light and won’t fall off, (unless you want to see your shoe do the ‘crowd surfing’). Ladies, Avoid the high heels.

3. Keep away from crowded areas and don’t cause havoc inside the venue as  it could cause stampedes, stumbling and other dangerous rushes.

4. Do NOT carry cameras, lighter, cigarettes and any conspicuous object that you believe will be banned inside such venues. Don’t forget to carry your medication (if any) which you rely on.

5. Always be aware of pitfalls of moshing, crowd surfing and thrashing unless you are really prepared and muscular enough.

6. Eat, drink (not get drunk, but H2O)   before the concert because once the concert starts  it would be difficult for you to get out to get food or drinks and to get back to your favorite spot.

7. Always stay close to your group, high chances of getting lost.

8. Don’t lose your pass till the end of the concert. Or maybe till you reach home, because it will save you from the cops on your way back.

9. Don’t rush to get out in the end. You will get your opportunity to exit.

10. Last but not the least; know the band well, their genre of music, songs, and lyrics where you can sing along with the band, live. If this band means a lot to you then save the ticket/pass for your memories.

              The countdown had already began,the blades has been sharpen and the beast is ready for a ride.So get along,fasten your neck bolt,the symphony of hell is coming down to sing the hymns of their hell.Don't only learn to growl or get the lyrics right but to bang your head or else you will be left as an abandon child among the crowd.Keep your pain killer ready for the next morning for you may have a little side effect of neck pain and if worse a slight fever.

  Lamb of God is:
  Vocal:                          Randy Blythe,
  Guitarists:                   Mark Morton & Willie Adler,
  Bassist:                       John Campbell
  Drummer:                    Chris Adler.

  Event Name:               "SUMMER STORM"
  Date:                          15th of May,2010
  Place:                         Palace Ground,Hebbal,Bangalore,IN
  Organizers:                 Overture India
  Print Partner:              Rolling Stone(Magazine)
  Print Partner:              DNA Network(News Paper)
  Ticketing Partner:        Kyazoonga.com

  Line Up:                                             Links:
  Bhoomi                       (Bangalore,IN) www.myspace.com/bhoomi

  Scribe                         (Mumbai,IN)   www.myspace.com/scribecore
  Extinct Reflection        (Bangalore.IN) www.myspace.com/extinctreflections
  Boomarang                  (Mizoram,IN) www.myspace.com/boomarangnet
  Lamb Of God               (Richmond,Virginia,USA)     www.lamb-of-god.com

  For Ground Sales Please Visit:

  Overture India:

  Not for the faint heart.At your own risk.

 *taxes extra


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