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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Killer Filler 3 (Frontal)

             The world has lost a million of souls in the name of war and peace. Term it as sacrifice or purification no one deserves it. We are in our respective promised land. The air we breath, the sun we feel, the ocean that surrounds and the land we stand upon are all ours and nothing exists above this. The universe is for the universe, not only us. Hunted and inherited by our forefathers, molded with their blood and soul lies embedded under these soil our culture and history. Walking tall on a revolutionary road we shouldn't be paving a way to blood and violence which we have been inheriting since our existence. No one should get hurt in the mist of this thunder and bolts anymore.
              We don't know how many enemies we have. In real or in disguise we can't be so sure. Whatever we  do or act the central tendency is to be self satisfied. We all want to look good. Even the dirty little Tom wants to impress the princes in his class. But promising the people for a better law and order, a better country and a better world by breaking the peace and harmony of the host country would be an act of  betrayal. Is this the many frontal groups we have are for boundaries and believes alone. There exists a tons of differences between the goals we set to fulfill, the goals we now have and the one with us from the past. Every moment is changing, every minute, every day is a different change. All these decades they have struggled, fought and even changed a few to good but too little to the many changes taking place daily. Trading their strength and emotions to gain a little, to draw a few more attention and destroying more then they built. An ugly truth of calling themselves a warrior without the sense of truth that lies beneath. Following on the footsteps of freedom, blinded by our goals and achievements we usually misses to care for things we really are loosing.
             Nature proves we are born innocent. We all started with good in this world. As such many of the underground outfits do starts with good and better prospective but fades away into the sand of never ending complexities of human politics. May this be disagreeable to many but this is how it has been supported. Of peace, freedom and cultural prospective many a leaders did truly took up such extreme lives. The toddling days were the best days of our life, so true as an untouched.
              Revolting or slowing the pace of growth or success makes it a hurdle in the course of our actions. Whom do we press responsible for the many disintegration prevailing in this world? Blames doesn't go to the system but the elements that make up the system. So long they have fought for, of their work and promises they have been carrying out since this long years has hardly made much changes. The world must have changed somehow. The needs they made us felt is good but less nice and strong to fill the gaps among other highly sensible tasks.
              Here is a story about a small state which will be retold in near future. A place name Manipur located in the North Eastern region of India with full fledged statehood under the Republic of India. Its name implies as the Land of Jewels but not exactly the beauty it is around. The place holds a greater  weight on being called the Land of Frontal Warriors. So much the number they have grew, had there been heaven for frontal fighters then this is the place which completes the domain. With a piece of bread sharing among the entire population this place under the sun is truly packed with sorrows and hardships. There exists no slums nor baggers and no one dies in hunger but only a handful of storage in their graineries they survive.
              When we were kids we were told about those freedom fighters who had fought with the Britishers and later the underground activists walking tall in the heart of the locals. Supporting them from the surface are the overground runners. The story of Sagol Tongba or Yayol-Lup, of their hide outs and activities. Their self imitating principle of not showing themselves to the world and serve as a savior to the people is one we use to talk among my childhood friends. They were underground but never a terrorist or a militant. Things have changed in plenty from the past with blood and bones cracking from every direction. But now no one is eager to talk about this highland with an ambient valley all alone. The Land of Jewel has hardly any gold that shines. Everything has been stolen or being rubbed away by the many ethical elements. People crying without tears. Roar of the lion in the flames of wild fire. Almost everything had changed in this few decades. If I were dropped from the sky then I'm very lucky enough that I fall in Manipur rather then some of the neighboring regions. Had I been missed a little I wouldn't have enjoyed the taste of the largest democracy in this world, the largest freedom any individual in this world is blessed with.
              What is this killing  whenever a mistake is done. Even god-man does god damn deeds. "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes" (MK Gandhi). Kill someone because he drinks, he smokes or he betrays someone. Killing can't be called a punishment but an end to a punishment. Everyone needs a second chance. Justice accountable not only blood and vengeance but realization too. "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." (attributed MK Gandhi). Instead of applying the good and the truth we still stand stuck in trying to prove our righteousness. If to take the law in our hand is wrong then lets stop committing such mistakes again and again. Right that we do our own way and wrong that we go against the law, the law and the land makes the whole landmark. Whoever we are  we must follow the law of the land and not hinder around complaining. We only created them.
              We all wish to be famous but not everyone does to achieve it. We are born with blank memories with a brand new hardware grown altogether. Weather we want them or not our memory gets stored in our brains. Some gets blur, some deleted and some as fresh as still alive. No one can fortify uncertainty but to believe in the truth of uncertainty itself. We only have control over ourselves. Good or evil, we can only try and not control them. Praising and supporting the evil on the pleasure of their existence is unholiness. It's a fact that terrorist survive on the goodwill and extorted resources of the people. People's power, the strongest social and political force the world had ever known is what we less aware of. It is this force that can turn any rock, win any battle and end any war and peace. But what lies on the other side when the war ends and the battles are won? What if we separate and the promises are wrong? Now, there exist not one but a number of organizations. Why so and who does right? Many a mind, many a right and no one is wrong. Bring peace and unity among yourselves and we the people will think about it later. It is our pain and pleasure that makes up this world and we have the right to sit and decide on what we want. Lets do to cure the hunger and break the nimbus covering since decades. The future will never end and the past will never come. Nothing stays in our control. Shame on those who have taken their decision so fast, a wrong culture they followed. He may be a leader but a father too, she may be the queen but a mother as well. Please don't drag us into the well you yourself haven't seen clearly, the color of black and blue water. Our children may or may not live a lavish life on the path we built but will sure live and survive as they want to. Had all the leaders joined together and took up a different tool instead of guns and dig a well in the desert they would have found water or least use it to dump waste. But what can man be, we are born to be great, strong and famous, to be remembered and live after our death. We may be conquered but not tamed. They are not born to be a digger but leaders, to be the many rulers of this only world. A blessing bestowed from their gods. Had a leader of this world be given a chance to rule the whole world he will not waste a moment to do the honor. Honoring the spirit of fellowship has become a joke on the run to fulfill their jealousy. Responsibility lies on the shoulder of everyone. To mark the honor through leadership should not be intentional
              Yes, they have weakness too, a lot of weakness. Their main ideology, "Strike At The Right Time" still holds the flame among them. Strike at the right time, so they keep waiting for the ball to be on their court. Had the Bell of Fortune be in my hand there is hardly anything I would have missed in my life either. Ring it  and win as you please. No wonder why we have the treasure but not the key to open at our will. Higher authority means greater responsibility, a hot seat. Sitting in the board room and drafting a plan to work is a no point consideration compared to the people who suffer at the slightest changes of those plans. If they are so sincere why didn't they come out when the nation, the society or the region needs them. They don't have the call of duty because they are not governments, always a safe excuses to every complains. They never comes at the right time of the people but on their own shake, to hide, argue and survive. I'm the son of my parents and I stand here to make them proud, to see myself in greater height, always a selfish and self minded goals we set, still growing deep. Democracy is complex because we are complex. Had there be no democracy everything would have been so different. Democracy is where even the criminals have their own place, a room for anyone. The respect of life and the value of death. We are lucky that we won't be hanged or shot because we speak or protest our way. Sooner or later every call is heard. Imposing the fault to other, relying on the shadows of law that still protects though we are guilty, an anecdote democracy is. We all want to save ourselves first rather then resist later. Not only ruling party has unsolved mysteries but oppositions too. The habit of apologizing to their faults or earn an esteemed place on making such a noble apology. The mystery of hit and run cultures. Whom do we complain when our parents quite to comfort us? What will we be when we call for help and no one answers from the other end? Playing a safe game, shading the eyes of the people. Still waiting for the right time, weapons and funds to defeat the government. Had dirty little Tom had the resources he would have impressed the princes in  his class which he impossibly long for. But the world is real. Time doesn't wait for a common man like us. We are born to be a different hero. To save the world from a different index. To be a better and responsible citizen.
            The story of million lives, hundreds of unexplained death, no one claimed, very little we cared. Who did it? Only the family roars in agony. Always a mystery whenever it questions their integrity. We may commit such crimes but not them for they holds a bigger responsibility. Their life has a bigger meaning compared to a common man. Keeping us in dark, putting us forward on the frontline, setting us up to take the bullets is not acceptable.
             We are the master of our own destiny. Lets fight in the open, not behind rumours and hidden theories. May be Che Guevara, Osama Bin Laden or Muhammad Ali Jinah, we may not agree with them but really respect their points of view. May be liberation army, frontal warrior or social reformers, the war can still be won had we been sincere and clear to our goals. At this age we should be talking about innovation, human resources, economic growth and lifestyles if we don't want to be left behind. Fooling and arguing among ourselves will bring no end to the points. Politics are for the politicians, student for studies, art for an artist and life for lives. Lets make it real. Some things only look good in its original form. Had these frontal organizations be so sincere, had sincerely thought for the people, there wouldn't be so many of them. Shame on those who simply by a mere fault guidelines came to follow and worship them as a leader who will bring peace and happiness for us. An eye for an eye may be wrong but blood for blood also holds true. Let them fight on their own. We are not born to still someone's fate and ruin ourselves either. Our past may not determine our future but our present sure does.
                                " The ambient sound of rocks and grasses,
                                  On your laps they grow.
                                  Among those terrain they fight,
                                  Of blood,water and sharks.
                                  Where will I sleep?
                                  When I come home after my evening game."

             Lets built a house where everything fits in perfectly. Dreams may be broken but can be recreated. Humanism is what humans do, we are not limited. Forever man we'll always be. Many a freedom we have, only a few we know.
             Had we had the ability to solve any problem the world would have been so different. Our intention to do good would have been less appreciated. There won't be any meanings to those problems which we intentionally don't want to solve or end them. The reason to our hunt, the harvest we enjoy from our growth would have been less priced.  Everything starts from a first time.  It will be man's greatest achievement if we discover the way to cure death. The scientist and the warlords has their own sayings of building a more safer world by inventing the most powerful weapon, so powerful that we don't have to use them. Nothing makes sense in this world except we try to make a sense. We are on war to make a sense of what we do.
              Terrorism, the greatest killer of real time, the mother of all fear, the reign of another darkness is all around our necks. Not quite a definition has perfectly matched the meaning to terrorism since it began. A change in its practice, singing a different tune as it please. In many forms they exists, in many languages they are described, still terrorizes us, makes us bleed in fear. We wouldn't have know a terrorist had they existed or came out in the open. The louder their voice, the more blood and violence the world sees. A bad influence our world had been influenced. Most of us haven't seen them in real but exaggerates that they would be with a gun, covered face, over-sized clothing, red eye, bared and arrogance in nature. Whatever or however they are the most people in this world don't like them.
             But who are these people who became one of them? The Who who knowingly choose this path. They are non other then us, we are the one who becomes a terrorist. Looks don't explain someone. First impression is only an impression of that instant. They are among us mingling, pretending and threatening. A chameleon character they are. Had they really revolted and wanted to built a true country they wouldn't have been so complex. Targeting the citizens, hurting or protecting they really had taken a toll from us. Threatening us, making us bow and use us as a subject is not revolution but depression. Many a wrong tactics they use to fulfill their mission. Always a lie, always an unknown scenario they sets up. Like lightening they strikes without warning and scare us by roaring back like the thunder.  Attack  the weak, rob the rich, still the peace and forget the poor, the principles of a coward scared of loosing the fight in the open. A plenty of them exist unknowing were to utilize their talent and precision. The leaders with their motives to greatness, to be remembered long after they had lived, to tell a story to their later generations should be individual and not affect the entire population. Chasing an unrealistic dream, a few did but not all succeeded. The leaders are on the verse to create a sense from their senseless ideologies, to prove it right and different. Really an ill tactics they follow to dig out a meaning from nowhere. Still a failure to understand the threads of misleading and misguiding in the name of culture, freedom and believe. It is we who follows the rule of unification through separation, looking forward to our own freedom and glory, fueling the process of another global war. An unity through separation, a self old patronize from our forefathers who pleasured on the breakdown of the host country.
             A union, once broken looses its spirit of diversification. Many a things, once gone never comes back. Not only time but feelings and emotions, they will never be the same again. Nor nothing fades away completely even though we try to erase them, the memory still remains the same. Nothing  guarantees anything, their promised land will never be the same as my promised land. To call oneself a socialist by breaking all the social regulations and later talk for the peace and unity is disgusting . Realization is for individuals and not for the whole population. We are not fools, only a different projection we see through.  Lets not try to prove anything critical among ourselves. It will be your peace and satisfaction not ours. Or may be its an associated work on the process of making the world a global village with countries as big as the size of a city. Undemocratic in nature, fearing as its weapon, after all the twist and turn ends up with violence. History proves that they destroy and not built. Some believes that they can't withstand seeing someone's wealth and success so in turn tries to snatch forcefully from others giving it a frontal or a religious excusses to complains. Everyone has their own believes, faith, love and emotions. To cut the tongue because they are growing long is in no way fair and balancing. Love and war are our own creations and there lies no meaning that they can't be changed. Love and war are very different words. There is no war in love and love in war. If love is fading why not the war which many a people compares to?
             When our close one cheats we don't come to know what we lost. They know us well enough that they don't cheat to cheat us. We remain unknown for the rest of our lives because we never felt. Of strength, weakness and soft spots they know where to strike. Protesting through polishing our thoughts is one many of us misses to see. Fearing the people, demanding ransoms, murdering in the name of punishment and corrupting through social context is all what's happening. The years have passed where people sheds blood for freedom and new countries. Though slowly the citizens are changing, they are learning to differentiate the good and the bad, the right and the wrong. We should be fighting, not for separation but unification, not only for one community but whole community, the world community. Lets believe in the making of true laws and reforms and not for the sack of bringing a change alone. We grew up listening to the tales of our great warriors and reformers who care free used their lives for the country, for our better today. Where will all their glories and respect be when the country they have created is falling apart, shell soon be no more. The world will no longer trust the leaders anymore. The pain and hardship they had faced building this country is all being wasted by his own blood. The story still continues everyday. Had it been a television soup it would have been an epic in its own with a never ending series of new incident daily. The enemy of the state may be the enemy of the country but not for the whole world. Is it less happening that every community had to seek for a separate country of their own? The freedom, wealth, respect, security and integrity you enjoy in that country is nothing compares. The world always go at its best. Relations can't be built on fear and lies. If happened then its born death. They destroy, not built, a mega loss of life, property and resources. Why stop by for a miscarriage? Trying to bring an end to corruption by corrupting is misguiding and misleading. To be a terrorist may be coward and a frontal warrior may be noble, no one eats the same diet but doesn't make much difference either. What if we leave and they failed? They not only creates fear and panic but weakens our trust to other safe bodies like government, social organization etc. From where all their fund and resource comes? Definitely the hard earned dreams and wealth of the common man. These goes to all the citizens of the world to rethink and materialize the works and culture they have been carrying out. If people really like these leaders then why not support them from outside in a legal way. The laws can always be changed. If we are to live we should follow and live abiding the rules and not with the thought of bringing them down putting the whole country at risk where various other community lives too. Protest but in a legal way. Shutting the eyes or muting the voice of the people is undemocratic. Even the God listen as we say. We don't want a country where we will be shot to speak and express our feelings. Their acts of removing us from their path because we are a resistance to their movement is very scary to a common man like us. High gratitude to the people and the law of the land that even the outlaws have their right to be an outlaw. Had it been to some other nations they would have been beheaded long back that we may not even came across them. If laws are strict we are the one who makes them tighter.
              Lets not only practice but protect this democracy for this is our notional right. To eat, play and protest democratically. Not destroying our own future, the dreams our parents have been dreaming since our childhood. Lets be a good child to our parents by serving and helping them on their needs and time. Our parents gave birth to us so that we become someone true to the world and make them proud. Not kill among ourselves under the influences of some psychoholic leaders who haven't made up big in their lives. On the hunt to  fulfill their  ethics through others. We don't have to be a politician, a socialist or any frontal leader to serve and change our world. We need to be self mobilized and true to ourselves. By changing ourselves the world will change on its own. Lets be sincere to our works and not make a meaning out of what we want individually in order to define a thought which doesn't worth thinking. Better be clear of thoughts to our family and friends first rather then neighbors and the society. Friends and neighbors are our direct influences and the society, the universe. A million of changes take place daily. Lets not get stuck to the same old ethics of unbundling our individual believes. We are on quest to find a meaning to our thoughts we knew are not right. Breaking up a country to form a new will be the same happening to the country created. We should dare not change those that needs no changes with no more pretendence of trying to influence the innocent citizens. Some things only looks good in its original form. Our ancestors may have made mistakes but not us, we have learn them enough. Or we haven't understood still. Lost of lives, family and friends is going to prevail long if we favor such outages. A broken bowl of history is precious but our lives are much more precious then those, they are history and we are reality, the history in the making. However the history was we are on the process of making it better every moment.
                 Revolution will exist, for a change or satisfaction. If one fades the other shines. This melodramatic show is going to hurt us real bad with a many good souls still waiting to be slaughtered. The few wild flowers we see shell soon fade away under the tented boots of believe, color and culture. Laws are mandatory. Rules may control the fun but makes the game exiting too. But this may not be what we think tomorrow. Thoughts can easily be wrong. Whatever happens to this world, the good and the evil shell always prevail together known or unknown. The beast may change form, smell the flower and loose its growl but its the princess who has to be impressed. Of blood, water and wine our leader shares, ruining or leading us they still uses our hard earn resources. Nothing fuels their ethical journey but us, the used ones. They still uses our blood and bones from both side. We may not die of hunger but won't be happy either.

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