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Friday, May 20, 2011

Yaoshang Rock Show, 2011

                Mapex drum kit, Marshell stage amps, giant back drove and crowds pouring in from the noise erupting from the D.M Collage's NCC Ground. After the Manipur Rock Idol organized by the Manipur State AIDS Control Society, the Nokia's Yaoshang Rock Show was the biggest crowd pulling rock event of 2011 so far.
               It started with Tapta, the living legend of Manipuri music welcoming the crowd with songs from his most successful album, Tapta's Volume 1. It was a rare moment to see Tapta picking up tracks from his first album making it an extraordinary evening. The band with its new version of musician  reminds of ANASAL (ex-Tapta's musicians) in its classic style. The roar of the crowd as he presented his old time classic "Bina" was one which no Tapta fan shouldn't have missed.
               Newbie "The Dirty Strikes" was the next. A brand new package with fresh talents the Dirty Strikes are. Though hardly known by most present at the venue there was an eagerness to see how these fresh meat taste like. They surprise the crowd by releasing their first album by the good hands of Tapta Jayanta. It was a bang on the bull's eyes as they strike their first song. The maturity in their choice of music makes the band a cowboy who can create it's own space. Their unique style of stage presence and influences showed how serious they are.
              A moment of silence erupted the venue as the beautiful voice from the speakers call out the next band on the line "Girish and The Cronicles". This four piece rock-heads from Sikkim took over the evening with an introductory high pitched screem, IMPHAaaaL. They began with an original which was written and dedicated to the footballers of Sikkim. The drummer with a set of cymbel stand accidentally falls on the stage as he ran out on the front stage. Lucky that he stood up unhurt and in return got his share of compliments with the crowd cheering him up as he continue with the next song uninterrupted. A mixture of all genre the Girish and The Cronicles was. Along with originals they also covered songs like Rock n Roll, Get Over It, Highway To Hell etc. They finished the show with the classic Stairway to Heaven by the all time favorite, Led Zeppelin. A next visit in Imphal will sure make them much familiar. The rain God must be please that he joins in the evening with a little shower during the band's act.
                Boomerang doesn't need much introduction to the Indian rock fans. It is one of the most successful rock band of the country. Their flawless style of compositions and breath taking music video makes this North Eastern rockers among the top rock bands of India. Their dynamic stage presents was all as expected giving the fans their awaited dose. Covering only their originals they include tracks like Trip and War. They gave the crowd a special treat by playing them their new song "Home" for the first time in public making them the first to listen. We even got to see a little mospit formation and crowd surfling. Few even shouted for "Steller" and "What's Wrong With The World" which were their most successful tracks. The stunning guitar techniques the clean weighted vocal, the swift bass lines and the tricky drumming makes this Mizo rockers truly the favorite of the evening.
                 The temperamental Tapta, the drifting Dirty Strikes,  the garnishing Girish and the Cronicles and the blazing Boomerang made that Sunday evening a super funday. It was a great evening with a spectacular crowd. Thanks to NOKIA and its RSM and ASM who gave hope to bring back the Yaoshang Rock Show next year. Special aplause to the event management team, the volunteers and the cops who made the show safe and success.

Name            : YAOSHANG ROCK SHOW
Venue            : NCC Ground, DM College Campus, Imphal
Date              : 24th April, 11
Time              : 3:00 pm
Sponsor         : NOKIA
Entry              : PASSES

- Tapta (Manipur, IN)
- The Dirty Strikes (Manipur, IN)                         www.facebook.com/The-Dirty-Strikes
- Girish and The Cronicles (Sikkim, IN)               www.myspace.com/girishandthechronicles
- Boomarang (Mizoram, IN)                                www.myspace.com/boomarangnet


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