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Blessed are not the child with silver spoons but with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the one with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse. Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Artist : TIDDIM 34

Can you feel the ice,
Cos' I see the eyes,
Getting old, getting old.

Cos' I see its red,
Cos' the world are blue,
Coming home, coming home.

Wan wall throw the nuts,
Show the shoes in the room,
Wangle robs, paper court,
Spinning hole, falling kings,
People say its gold,
But who is this people,
Winter camp, watching tower,
So close water drops.

Siege the light,
Give another rise,
Tour, am on tour.

I'm fighting with my dreams,
It mend my shape to thee.
You've got to shrink so loud,
She is dancing in my mind.
Who broke their teeth when young,
Never care for what they say.
Dreaming day, running clock,
Securing my soul.


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