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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Copula (preview)

club muzik's

celebrating the transition


               Club Muzik Events in association with two social organizations, Iron Gym Oinam and Indigenous East is coming up with an event entittled, Copula on the 20th and 23rd of January, 2013. It is a multi venued event with the aim to create a medium to help the social non-profitable organizations to rise funds for the organization at the same time bring in the families of various localities to participate and join in the celebration of the transition of years, here being 2012 and 2013. With a perfect tagline "Celebrating the transition" it is a bridge that links the old and the new or the transit of changing from one year to another.

                    The word Copula in translation is a multi meaning word used in literature, music and statistical theory. Combining the ideas of link (literature), music (a polyphonic texture) and distribution (statistical theory) into a celebration tone the Copula event took shape. It is an event celebrating the transition of years through the participation of every class of people with a wider distributed network of venues.

               Like it's multiple meaning the Club Muzik's Copula consist of various events at multiple venues. The event is a medium to help rise funds for the social non-profitable organisations and at the same time bring in the families of various localities to participate and join in the celebration.

            Nupigee Thamoi, a Manipuri Sumang Leela will be held at Lai'mang, Oinam Mamang Leikai in Oinam as a part of Copula which will be organized by Iron Gym, Oinam. Tapta, the most enchanted and influencial musical icon of Manipur will perform at Citizens Club Ground, Wangkhei Khunou in Imphal. Tapta (Jayanta) along with his full band will be supported by Cleave, a rock band from the state. Cleave, a rock band of Manipur is regarded as one of the best bands in the country having made it's mark in the entire north eastern region. The event will be organized by Indigenous East, a voluntary non-profitable organization based in Imphal and works for the betterment of under privilaged children.

               Club Muzik had planned the Copula event for the 31st of December, 2012 and 1st of January, 2013 but is set back due to some unavoidable social and political casualties in the state. It is an event for the women, children, students and those who are less fortunate to join in the New Year and New Year's Eve celebration in our localities. The event is an opportunity for these individuals to land a hand and participate in the celebration of the transition of years. Earlier Iron Gym Oinam had organized a three day (30th, 31st Dec. 2012 and 1st Jan. 2013) open movie show at Oinam Mamang Leikai at Chigonglei Makhong Community Hall as a part of same event.

               Longjam Tiken Singh, president of Iron Gym Oinam is of the openion that those individuals who are locked up in their houses with daily household works, unreached and unaware of such can have a chance to participate in the social trends. Naorem Herojit Meitei of Indigenous East stated that social bodies at the local levels will have an integrated plateform to share their ideologies to the masses.

               Vespa is the main sponsors along with few co-sponsors. Entry to Iron Gym's Copula is free whereas Indiginous East will charge 100 rupees. Along with it's main Sumang Leela show the Iron Gym Oinam is also organizing a general discussion session with invited guest where the organisation will make some important developmental announcements.