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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oinam Volleyball Championship, 2013

Oinam Volleyball Championship 2013
a state level volleyball tournament

Date : 7th to 10th of February, 2013


                      This modern game of volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan, a YMCA physical education director on February 9, 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts (U.S.A) as one of the recreational sport. Nowadays the game has gained tremendous popularity and is well developed among the top competitive sports of the world. With an  increasing excitement of its own volleyball has now become a game of speed, explosive, action and agility with a wonderful neuromuscular co-ordination. In the development  of a clean and healthy physique the sporting spirits play a vital role.

                       Manipur started participating at National Volleyball Championship since 1970. And from 1982 onwards the Manipuri volleyball took to state a.w.a national championships.

                       Oinam's volleyball team was once regarded as the most popular and the strongest team of Manipur. More then 100 volleyball players had been appointed in different government jobs. Manipur as a power house of the present modern Indian sport it is a must that we contribute our support to help maintain it's mark.

          Oinam Volleyball Championship is a state level volleyball tournament held at Oinam with the recognition from All Manipur Volleyball Association (AMVA). The championship is a campaign to promote and recreate the volleyball trend in Manipur. Under the footsteps of our beloved volleyball heroes and the sporting spirit of the people of Oinam the event is a window to built up the degrading popularity of the game. The championship is designed and created by Iron Gym Oinam.

           The championship is a ride to take the people of Oinam and Manipur into a journey of adrenaline sporting action.


Tribute to the departed souls of Oinam Volleyball

               To be played under day and flood lights the 2013's Oinam Volleyball Championship is a tribute to the departed souls of Oinam Volleyball. It is a homage in memories of those who curved a place for volleyball in Oinam. Their priceless contribution in promoting and popularizing the game is an act of holistic persona which cannot be easily forgotten. For the love and respect of the game and as a token of gratitude towards the departed souls the 2013's OVC is targeted as a trend setter to the sporting youths of Manipur.


- To create an awareness campaign of sport in Oinam.

- Act as a catalyst to re-activate the domain clubs/organizations/associations/groups of Oinam.

- To explore the volleyball talents and built a strong volleyball team of Oinam.

- To promote the game, Volleyball in Manipur.

- Set an example of quality event and organizational endeavor.

- To motivate the youths of Oinam to become a physically, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally well being.

Iron Gym Oinam

           Iron Gym Oinam is a physical fitness as well as a social development association based in Oinam. They work for the growth and development of a person's physical and mental well being.

          Founded by few local youths in 1994 and registered in 1996 under the registration number 159/4/11/1996 the association has then been contributing to various social causes. It is a common goal for all it's members to contribute to the society through both physical and mental involvements. Backed by the idea of setting up a quality platform for the volleyball lovers through Oinam Volleyball Championship the Iron Gym Oinam stands strong for the causes of the people of Manipur.

Organizing Committee

Convener - Chongtham Brojen Singh

Chairman - Mutum Ibochouba Singh

Working President - Longjam Tiken Singh

Organizing Secretary - Lukhendro Keisham

Chairman: Ground Maintenance - Oinam Homen Singh.

Chairman: Technical Team - Oinam Moirangningthou Singh.

Chairman: Accounts - Irom Suresh Singh.

Chairman: Health & Safety - Oinam Gunamani Singh.

Chairman: Team Management - Oinam Ibomcha Singh.

Chairman: Publicity & Host Team Management - Lukhendro Keisham.

Chairman: Hospitality - Gurumayum Dineshor Sharma.

Chairman: Designs & Decoration - Mutum Amarjeet Singh.

Chairman: Volunteer Management - Lourembam Tomba Singh.

Chairman: Hiring Team - Oinam Deben Singh.

Technical Age Screening Committee

Gurumayum Beda Sharma

L. Baleshor Singh

Y. Deba Singh

M. Deben Singh

Ng. Bideshor Singh

W. Nabachandra Singh

O. Budhi Singh

L. Maimu Singh

O. Kalenjao Singh


Day 1
7th of February,2013

             With the participation of eight teams the first Oinam Volleyball Championship started on the 7th of February, 2013 at Volleyball Ground, Oinam Ushakhangdabi Leikai. With invited guest the ceremony began with the guest taking chairs. Lukhendro Keisham, the Organizing Secretary of Oinam Volleyball Championship a.w.a the brain behind all the planning and management strategies of the event gave the welcome speech of the function. The president of the event Md. Amin Shah (Parliamentery Secretary, MOBC & SC and Science & Technology, Govt. of Manipur also Chairperson, Manipur State Hajj Committee) hosted the flag of the tournament.

                Then the Chief Guest of the event Mr. M. Prithiviraj Singh (Parliamentery Secretary, Youth Affairs & Sports and Tourism,Govt. of Manipur), declared the first Oinam Volleyball Tournament openned. A marching parade by the participating contingents was held with an oat taking ceremony by Oinam Jephry Singh, Captain of I.G.O (Iron Gym Oinam), the host team of the tournament.

                   Chongtham Brojen Singh, Convenor of Oinam Volleyball Championship, gave the key note address of the function. The Chief Guest and the President of the event shared their views to the people of Oinam and those participating the event. Then a Manipuri cultural show, Dhumen was presented. The guest of honors Mr. L. Radhakishor Singh, (Ex-Minister of State, Oinam Assembly Constituency) and Mr. O. Budhi Singh, (Chairperson, Oinam Nagar Panchayat) gave a short speech to the people present in the event.

                   It was followed by the openning volleyball match of the Oinam Volleyball Championship, 2013. After the volleyball match Longjam Tiken Singh, Working President of Oinam Volleyball Championship gave the Vote of Thanks and ended the day's schedules.


Opening Function

Chief Guest:
Mr. M. Prithiviraj Singh,
Parliamentery Secretary,
Youth Affairs & Sports and Tourism,
Govt. of Manipur.

Md. Amin Shah
Parliamentery Secretary,
MOBC & SC and Science & Technology,
(Chairperson, Manipur State Hajj Committee)
Govt. of Manipur.

Guest of Honour:
Mr. S. Bira Singh,
Member of Legislative Assembly,
Kumbi Assembly Constituency.

Guest of Honour:
Mr. L. Radhakishor Singh,
Ex-Minister of State,
Oinam Assembly Constituency.

Guest of Honour:
Mr. O. Budhi Singh,
Chair Person,
Oinam Nagar Panchayat.

Date: 7th of February, 2013

1300 hr.         - Arrival of the Chief Guest, Prsident, Guest of Honour and invitees.

1315 hr.         - Garlanding, chair taking and presentation of badge to the Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honour.

1330 hr.         - Welcome address by Lukhendro Kaisham, Organizing Secretary, Oinam Volleyball Championship.

1340 hr.         - Flag hosting by the President.

1345 hr.         - Opening of the Oinam Volleyball Championship, 2013 by the Chief Guest.

1350 hrs.       - Marching parade by the participating teams.

1400 hrs.       - Oat taking by the captain of the host team, Iron Gym Oinam.

1410 hrs.       - Key note address by Chongtham Brojen Singh, Convenor, Oinam Volleyball Championship.

1420 hrs.       - Cultural programme.

1500 hrs.       - Speech by the Guest of Honours.

1530 hrs.       - Volleyball Match.

1700 hrs.       - Speech by the Chief Guest.

1710 hrs.       - Speech by the President.

1720 hrs.        - Vote of thanks by Longjam Tiken Singh, Working President, Oinam Volleyball Championship.


Day 2
8th of February,2013

               The second day of the Oinam Volleyball Championship was a day of straight league matches. Teams clashes for the top two spots in each groups. All the league matches ended today and the top two teams from each groups were selected for cross semi-finals tomorrow evening.


Day 3
9th of February,2013

               The 3rd day of the Oinam Volleyball Championship was presided by Oinam Budhi Singh, Chairperson of Oinam Nagar Panchayet along with his Councillors and members. Only the semi-final matches were played that day. Host I.G.O (Oinam) beat S.U.W.C (Irengbam)  in the first semi-final match. Later K.Y.S.U (Keirenbikhok) defeated N.Y.V.A (Naorem) to make a spot in the final of the Oinam Volleyball Championship, 2013.


Day 4
9th of February,2013

Closing Function

Chief Guest:
Mr. I. Ibohalbi Singh,
Member of Legislative Assembly,
Oinam Assembly Constituency.

Mr. Amit Shah
Hon'ble Parliamentery Secretary, MOBC,
Govt. of Manipur.

Guest of Honour:
Mr. S. Bira Singh,
Hon'ble Member of Legislative Assembly,
Kumbi Assembly Constituency.

Guest of Honour:
Mr. Romeo Singh
Hon'ble Ex-Minister of State,
Oinam Assembly Constituency.

Guest of Honour:
Mr. O. Budhi Singh,
Chair Person,
Oinam Nagar Panchayat.

                Presided by the invited guests and the formal closing ceremony the final match of the 1st Oinam Volleyball Championship was held between I.G.O (Oinam) and K.Y.S.U (Keirenbikhok). I.G.O defeated K.Y.S.U and took the tittle of Oinam Volleyball Champion, 2013. After the final match and before the prize distribution ceremony an exhibition match was held by the Manipur Police Team.


Oinam Volleyball Championship, 2013
Office of the Iron Gym Oinam
Oinam mamang Leikai, P.O/P.S - Nambol, Bishnupur - District,
Manipur - 34

List of the participating teams in groups:
1) I.G.O (Oinam)

2) I.C.S.A (Irengbam)

3) N.I.V.Y (Iram Siphai)

4) N.Y.V.A (Naorem)

1) K.Y.S.U (Keirenbikhok)

2) L.O.M.D.A (Lilong Dam Makha)

3) S.U.W.C (Irengbam)

4) P.E.D.W.A (Potsangbam)

5) R.C (Churchandpur)

Sl. No.            Date & Time                                         Team Vs. Team                             Group    Match No.

                     07/02/13  7:00 AM onwards                NYVA Vs. ICSA                                     A                 1

                                                                                  S.U.W.C Vs. PEDWA                               B                 2

                                                                                         IGO Vs. NIVY                                    A                 3

                                                                                     KYSU Vs. LOMDA                               B                 4

                                     1:00 PM onwards                    ICSA Vs. IGO                                       A                 5

                                                                                           RC Vs. PEDWA                                B                 6

                                                                                     KYSU Vs. SUWC                                   B                 7

                                                                                       NIVY Vs. NYVA                                    A                 8


2.            08/02/2013 (7:00 AM onwards)              SUWC Vs. PEDWA                               B                 9

                                                                                 LOMDA Vs. RC                                        B                10

                                                                                       ICSA Vs. NIVY                                    A               11

                                                                                     KYSU Vs. RC                                        B               12

                               (1:00 PM onwards)                    KYSU Vs. RC                                        B               13

                                                                                 LOMDA Vs. SUWC                                 B               14

                                                                                          IGO Vs. NYVA                                 A               15

                                                                                     SUWC Vs. RC                                       B               16

3.                    09/02/13 (2:00 PM onwards)

                                     1st Semi - Final                  WINNER (A) Vs. RUNNER (B)                          (X)

                                    2nd Semi - Final                  WINNER (B) Vs. RUNNER (A)                          (Y)

4.                   10/02/13 (2:00 PM onwards)

                                        Final Match                           Winner (X) Vs. Winner (Y)

         **Note: Two top teams from each group will be qualified for cross semi-final matches.

Special thanks to:

- Oinam Premjit Singh (Segaibi)

 - Yumnam Ingo Singh



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