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Blessed are not the child with silver spoons but with the grace of making it better. Curse are not the one with half meal a day but with the disgrace of making it worse. Success and failure happens to both, we are all the same, only a different package we comes in.

Thursday, April 14, 2016




 by Lukhendro Keisham

     We dont have to be always right to do the right thing. To make a difference in your own term is for your selfish good. It is never too late to practice for a better us and not myself alone. The world is not going to end that untimely for us to do something better. A start is all that you need, together and complete if we could.

     Many celebrities prank their fans by imposting themselves as homeless, scavenger, old man, beggar, etc. And they are quite successful too. Planned and enacted this has become a trend, to surprise the humble fans and disclose it to already kept ready Medias. I guess its their way of showing the world that looks can be deceiving and they too are equal humans like we all do. Listen folks, the happy and colorful shades of social glitter has indeed many unknown meanings too. Here the celebrity is trying to enact an image which he wrote on his own terms and insert it among our beliefs. Then we share and gossip around without the sense of idea behind. On the contrary celebrities are deceiving the fans, can be this way too.

     We know that a mere contribution of 100 rupees is not going to support a child for the whole academic year. Though we could afford more we do away with the same 100 rupees. Point is the generosity one show towards the child is real and honest but not dedicative enough. So in order to give a righteous meaning to our effortless contribution we pooled in many of our kind to enough support a child completely. Yes, a start is all that we need no matter how small or big they are. With unity we made our small contribution more meaningful and perfect.

     Lets erase the belief that we will be remembered even after our death. It is not the simple remembrance we are talking about but celebrated remembrance. Even the government has more weight on such persona. For a non celebrity like us our chances are we may only be remembered by our families. The list for great man is getting overcrowded and so does the 365 annual days we have to dedicate a holiday in their names. What if we eradicate holidays completely and increase the number of leave days instead. Include Sundays among weekdays and let the individuals, employees and families use their leaves on their choices. Lets move our general habits a bit and practice what it will best suit to the new world. We cannot expect for a change unless we change it.

     There are many things we dont agree in the actual world. A daily wage earner thinks they work more than the regular salaried ones. Some parents lock away their children from neighbor kids thinking they may get into bad influences. But in actual they are the ones who should be locked away. Their unsocial, untouchable and unethical discipline towards other is the culprit behind various social imbalances. Many mistake their child by teaching them their unrealistic ideology. Same as the daily wage earners who fails to understand that they feed on the works given by the regular salaried ones.

     We dont see that whenever an election happens our unity is compromised. Even if we dont vote we always have someone representing us. Dont you think we have been deprived of our rights by someone whom we dont even know? Democracy may be the best form of governance on the face of the earth but it is also the source to many divides around. And because we dont have a better replacement we follow it still. We deserve better.

     In the past religion united us towards growth and civilization. Today we divide upon this religion. Whenever we try to bring back history we bring conflict. As always we are own our own to look after ourselves. So, leave all at peace. We may be divided as man but as human we are always united. Lets practice to look into the unseen mechanics of dark and light. Human lives better as human, not gods.


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