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Sunday, April 3, 2016




     Apart from the two day NH7_Weekender_Shillong‬ held on 23rd to 24th it was a very short stay at Meghalaya. But no way the memories we brought were never short and tiny. Of the eight member team we started out from Imphal seven of us were visiting Meghalaya for the first time. Later our buddy Arvin Rv from Bangalore joined us in Guwahati and then Bhupendra Samurailatpam and Moti Meitei from Imphal on Day-1 of the festival. An out of nowhere we meet Boynao, a friend from Imphal. He was on his Enfield Bullet and we were on road, walking on the highway at Ummain Lake trying to had for the venue.

      On Day-2 we were again united by our most favorite Mr. Loon Gangte and the much familiar Mr. ‪‎Alex‬ from Delhi. Thanks to our angel lady Medam Emtimon_Khardewsaw‬ (Emma), Officer in Charge (O.C) of Umsning Police Out Post (Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya) for providing us the safest place to stay the whole trip with her motherly treat and hospitality from her personals especially Amar‬ who drove us around in Maruti Suzuki Gypsy at Umsning. You made us feel proud.

     Apart from free stay our one and only table friend and future police officer of Manipur, Lukumar Loitam blessed us with free booze for the entire trip. We had it all well stocked till Dimapur on our way back to Imphal.

     And at the venue of the festival we met Sir. Keith Wallang, who is our musically closest mentor in Shillong - Meghalaya. It was such a delightful moment to see him smile as we all shake hands with him. At that moment we missed Rubie Maisnam back home in Manipur. His Keith_Sir‬ would have been so happy to see him if he was there with us.

     So fellas, NH7_Weekender‬ turns out to be an excuse to see Meghalaya in one of its truest form. The food, the flowers, the market, the city, the people and the peace were huge and infinity. It was just an introduction to make us visit the place again.


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