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Sunday, April 3, 2016


The Jack & Jones stage at Bacardi NH7 Weekender Shillong 2015


      ONE: The cab driver was dozing while traveling from Guwahati to Umsning and we had the cab driver busy by starting a conversation. Laugh out loud at our own jokes.

The morning we arrive at Umsning Police Station, Meghalaya
      TWO: The driver of the shuttle bus we boarded while returning from the venue on Day - 1 was dead drunk. He was covering the entire road left - right stretch until we found out, stopped and another one took the wheel. After the bus we then took a highway petrol vehicle, a TATA Xenon pick- up truck. What a ride at the open back compartment with no proper grip to hold on to among the Meghalaya's steep left - right corner turns. It almost threw us off the vehicle whenever it makes a turn and that kept our heart pump faster until we reach our stay. We still talk about the vehicle guy's English vocabulary.

After having tea at a tea stall in Umsning Market as we arrive at Meghalaya
     THREE: The most hilarious incident. Day - 2 and we got no vehicles to get back to our bunkers. Finally got a Maruti 800 and we seven of us boarded the vehicle, all adult plus the driver. I can still remainder the extra spring the taxi has got, it was customized to handle more weight. The rear wheels and the body of the vehicle has as a gap of one feet and after they all boarded I was the last one to get board. I can see the metal body of the vehicle almost touch the tyres. The driver insisted we all will fit in easily.
With the Officer - in - Charge at Umsning Police Station, Meghalaya
     A little ahead we spotted paramedics in chaos busy helping injured passengers from a shuttle bus which crashed into the road side hill. We saw they are from NH7 and few blood stained individuals are already inside the ambulance. Few ride ahead and we found that the road was thick and danced with fog, a complete dead end in front. Slowly and carefully the driver drove and all of in a sudden he takes a speedy turn and halts near a roadside house almost in contact to another Maruti 800 parked there, everyone screamed. All of us remained muted for a moment. And until the driver call out his friend at the house and asked for the another Maruti 800 we were little delighted. We didn't bargained for the fare either. We reached Umsing Police Station, the place we put up safe and smile.


Shyam Lourembam says "We fulfilled our objective of getting to the venue to see our Manipur band Imphal Talkies perform and have a blast at Bhoirymbong but we had little time to see you Shillong, you did this deliberately to make us visit you once again."

 Arvin Rv says "yeah the second day drive back was pretty scary! It was so foggy that the vehicles coming from the other end appeared like a ghost to us."


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