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Monday, April 2, 2018

Annual Indane LPG Distributors Convention 2016-17 at Spring Valley Resort

          I was at Guwahati with one of my bestie Shyamsunder Nameirakpam for the Annual Indane LPG Distributors Convention 2016-17 on 23rd February, 2018. The convention was held at Spring Valley Resort, Sonapur and as the name suggest was an isolated scenic place with greenery prefect for holiday and naturalistic life. We represent Oinam Tanglei Indane Gramin Vitrak at the convention. Popularly known as Tanglei Gas it is the the only LGP distributor in Oinam, Bishnupur District, Manipur.

          Hosted by Indane Area Office, Silchar the convention includes distributors from all parts of North-East India that comes under their jurisdiction covering the whole of Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and parts of Assam. After a welcoming reception of all the guest the convention went on with speeches by various executives of Indian Oil Corporation. Various awards were also given out during the main function. Distributors from Manipur won the maximum awards including the Overall Best Distributor Award. We were delighted to see winners from our table too, Highest NDNE Sale Award and Highest 5kg. FTL Cylinder Sale Award to RBD Indane Service, Lamlai from Manipur. Lunch was served after the function. Half an hour and a sight seeing tour was planned as a part of the convention. But we left early without the tour as we had other plans for the later day. Said that there was also a karaoke night in the evening.

Spring Valley Resort, Sonapur, Assam.

Perfect caption, "Washing An Elephant". At Spring Valley Resort.
          On the way back we dropped by a Royal Enfield outlet to purchase an accessory for Shyamsunder's brother. It was already late afternoon as we reach our rooms. We head out to visit Rupak Konjengbam, a junior friend of mine. It was the first time I met his mom and dad though I had seen them when they visited their son in Bangalore years back. Later Rupak showed around some of the most happening shopping malls at G.S Road.

Decathlon Azara, Dakhin Rani, Vill-Kahikuchi Azara Circle,
Assam Dag No. 656, Patta No. 140, Near Rani Gate, Guwahati, Assam 781017
          Fun was as soon as we landed at Guwahati Airport on 22nd February we walk straight to the Decathon store at Azara Circle just a couple of miles from the airport. There I bought ten camping tents for two people each. Than we head to Manipuri Basti and book our stay at a motel. We took an evening stroll around Pultan Bazar as we wanted to have the most of Guwahati during our short stay. After some shopping and KFC we completed the day at Grande Cines enjoying the just released Marvel's Black Panther movie.

          Every time I visit the city I hardly get any chance to feel the place and the people. But this time I had a lot more than what I use to before. We returned Imphal on 24th February, 2018.

Indian National Flag at Imphal Airport.

Sneaking out in between the convention.


Shyamsunder Nameirakpam at Spring Valley Resort.

Shyamsunder Nameirakpam in front of Grande Cines, Guwahati.

At Central Mall, Guwahati.


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