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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oinam Sports Association's FOOTBALL COACHING - CUM - FITNESS PROGRAM, 2013 (Review)

Football Coaching - cum - Fitness Program
27/10/13 - 17/11/13

R  E  V  I  E  W

          The Oinam Sports Association's Football Coaching - cum - Fitness Program was a football coaching program held from the 27th Oct. to 17th Nov. 2013 at Oinam Kanjeibung, Manipur. It was organized under the aegis of All Maniput Football Association (A.M.F.A) and Bishnupur District's District Sports Association (D.S.A).

             With a total participants of around 125 players ranging from grass - root to U-14 age groups the program kicked off on 27th October, 2014 at 2:00 pm (Sunday). The opening function was graced by Mr. N. Brojen Singh, Up-Adhakshya (Bishnupur District) as Chief Guest and Mr. Oinam Budhi Singh, Chair-person (Oinam Nagar Panchayat) as the President. The guest comprises of sport persons, students, local heads, educationalists, representatives of clubs/organizations, social activists and various individuals from various walks of life.

         To encourage the young footballers as well as the youths of Oinam and it's surrounding areas to be physically fit were the major reason the coaching program was organized. Participants from Oinam, Irengbam, Leimaram, Maibam, Keinou, Yumnam Khunou, Ngaikhong Khunou, Sadu Chiru, etc. participated the coaching program. It was a blessing for the budding footballers of the surrounding areas to ignite the ideal towards physical wellness and sportsmanship apart from the usual institutional knowledge and hobbies trending these days. Along with the daily football coaching session from 6:00 am to 8:30 am the initiative comprises of promotional football matches, mass morning walk, evening practice session and gymnasium facilities. The participants enjoy free uniforms, free daily basic diets, free course fee and free gymnasium facilities.

          Entirely managed and functioned by the members of O.S.A the coaching lessons were conducted by Mr. N. Sivananda Singh and Mr. Ph. Surendro Singh, A.M.F.A approved district coaches. Assisting the head coaches at the training session were a team of well experienced footballers and sport persons namely Mr. Johny (retd. Goalkeeper), Mr. Mutum Somorjit Singh (retd. Player) and Mr. Konthoujam Priyojit Singh (refd. Player) to name a few. The coaching program was a success child from the hard works and efforts of the members of O.S.A along with the families of the participating players, elders, friends, doners and well wishers of Oinam.

          The closing function was held on 17th Nov. 2013. Mr. M. Kesho Singh (R.F.O Bishnupur), Mr. Y. Joykumar Singh (Project Director, NESRIP, P.W.D - Manipur) graced the function as President and Chief Guest respectively. Accompanying then on guest of honours are Mr. Ch. Tiken Singh (Additional Chief Engineer, P.W.D - Manipur), Mr. Ch. Ibotombi Singh (Gen. Secretary, D.S.A - Bishnupur), Mr. S. Chandramani Singh (Proprietor, Capital Electronic - Imphal), Mr. N. Sarat Singh (Manager, Rural Bank - Nambol).

          The closing day included honoring the Oinam's volleyball team who won the Sub - Junior 2013 tittle organized by All Manipur Volleyball Association held at Khuman Lampak Indoor Stadium. The volleyball team represented Oinam under the association name, Iron Gym Oinam (I.G.O). It was followed by the distribution of certificates to those players who participated the coaching. Followed by two exhibition football matches. First match between was played between Trugpu Chargers and Sangai Football Lovers in which the later won the match 02 - 00. At the other match Maniwood Football Team and F.C Kangleipak (Oinam Veteran Football Team) ended in a 01 - 01 draw. In between the programme performers of P.R.E.T, Oinam and P.O.A.C, Keirao enthrilled the crowd with a thrilling combination of marshel arts, dance and acrobetic moves.

        The Sangai Football Team comprises of senior players who have played in various national clubs and tournaments of the country also have represented Manipur and the country in national and international matches respectively. Initially the team started playing friendly matches  among themselves dividing into two teams namely Nupi Pokpa Team and Nupa Pokpa Team. Veteran football team of Oinam, F.C Kangleipak including seniors and many sport enthusiast who contributed to the pogram physically, memtally and financially. The participating players were thrilled to see their favorite football heroes of the state play in front of them. It was the first time the Sangai Football Team played with an official name.

         It is of certain believe that the initiative not only benefited the youths in physical developments but mental wellness and life's disciplines. The seniors and elders who were engaged in as organizers, supporters, players of the promotional football matches, etc. made an honest contribution for the love of sports and good health.

          Lukhendro Keisham, Gen. Secretary of O.S.A along with all the members and executives of the association on behave of the elders, brothers and sisters of Oinam thanked the parents and guardians of those children who participated in the coaching program and supporting the spirit of sports in their child. It was impossible without the mention of those whose have contributed in the program financially and all the material helps like uniforms, football accessories, daily diets, etc.


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