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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scribble Link Purgatory

                Scribble Link Purgatory is a screamo metal band based in Bangalore City, IN. With it's unique sound and stage presence the band came to limelight among the local headbangers.

The Beginning
                It was the teacher's day celebration of the Bachelor of Business Management's students at Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangaluru, 2005 where I met Preetam. Studying at the same institution he introduced me to Vijeth who was in the same college's hostel and a Computer Science Engineering student. We started jamming at the campus after our classes and it was then that we decided to start as a collage band. The jam session takes place in the basement of the institution's am phi theater. I brought Siddhartha to the group who is my bench mate and we completed our line up. With the director of the engineering department providing the funds to buy the musical equipments for the institution the band got its starting kit. The band had it's first appearance in the annual college fest. of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangaluru called Spectrum, 05. It was then at the National Law School's Lageela fest. that the band swap five tittles out of the six  disciplines and got the over all tittle in the competition which acted as a milestone to step to bigger route.
             The band started playing in various college fests and gigs around the city. It was after few stage acts that the group gave itself the name, Scribble Link Purgatory.

How the name 'Scribble Link Purgatory'?
          As the group was gaining it's share of complements from the various shows they had played it was a must need for the band to have a unique band name as soon as possible. With the priority to the band mates in naming the band Preetam and Vijeth came up with 'scribble', Siddhartha suggested 'purgatory' and I added 'link' to create a bridge among the thoughts and came up with Scribble Link Purgatory.

Meaning of "Scribble Link Purgatory"
                  SLP is youth, a purgatory linked with options scribbled to choose from. Once decided and done it is hard to reverse back or turn down what we have made for ourselves. Scent or senses, beauty or blood we are free elements ready to mingle, create a new one. It is our will and power which shell guide us to our destiny. This is a place where we swagger around unaware of the unawares.
                 The truth of mankind lies buried under the darkness of evil. What we are is not what the creator has created. A freedom without expression will never be real. Show what you are, live as you please and you will be freed from "THIS CURSE."
The Band
                It will be one of the most memorable memories the band members will be carrying with them for quite a long time. For Siddhartha, Vijeth and Preetam it was the first rock band in their musical career. Of friendship and understanding the member always share a very healty relationship. It was Aadon Lapcha who join the band at the later part and Puiia Hmar at the end who were a part of the band as the band needed a second guitar shiefting to metal genre and Pramesh Rajkumar who use to fill the space whenever the band need a guiterist before Aadon and Puiia.

                                       Name        Scribble Link Purgatory (SLP)
                                       Genre             New Age / Screamo Metal
                                       Location                     Bangalore City, IN

                                                           Band Members
                                                 Preetam Rajkumar      (Vocal)
                                                 Lukhendro Keisham   (Guitar)
                                                 Siddartha Goswami      (Bass)
                                                 Vijeth B                      (Drum)

                                                 Aadon Lapcha             (Guitar)
                                                 Puiia Hmar                  (Guitar)

              As special as to Pramesh Rajkumar who use to fill the place of a second guitarist whenever requested. The band wouldn't have succeed without him.

- Shade of Anger
- The Last Stand
- Fall of Vengeance
- This Curse
- Nailed and Killed

Killing In The Name Of (RATM), Smells Like Teen Sprit (Nirvana), One Step Closer (Linkin Park), Megalomaniac (Incubus), Drive (Incubus), Last Train Home (Lost Prophate), Reason (Hoobastank), Crawling in the Dark (Hoobastank), Running Away (Hoobastank), She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5), What Is It To Burn (Finch), New Beginning (Finch), The Kill (30 Seconds to Mars), Tears Don't Fall (Bullet For Mu Valentine), Hand of Blood (Bullet For My Valentine), Pull Harder on the Strings Of Your Martyr (Triviun), Through Struggle (As I Lay Dying), The Sound of Truth (As I Lay Dying)

Shows Played
The Band has played in most of the renowned colleges of Bangalore.
- Guest bands at the Northeast Fest held at St. Josephs College of arts and science.
- At the Bangalore's round final of Hero Honda's CAMPUS ROCK IDOL 2007,M.G Road
- Kingfisher's THE GREAT INDIAN OCTOBER FEST 2007,Palace Ground,Bangalore(Semi Finalist)- The Times Of India's YOUTHOPIA organized by Times Group, India
- Winners at Alliance College Fest. (Transcend, 06)
- Winner of Rock to glory organized at Lido Mall, 07.
- Winner of RV College of Engineering's Rock Fest (8th Miles, 08)
- Winner of PESIT Rock Band competition (ATMATRISHA, 08)
- Bagged 2nd place in International School of Business & Media Rock Band Competition
- Bagged 2nd at Acharya Habba, 07(organized by Acharya Institutes)
- Scintillation-08 organized by Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore.
- Indian Institute Of Management's UNMAAD '08 ans '09, (IIM, Bangaluru)
- National Law School's STRAWBERRY FIELD 2008
- Guest Band at the North-East Fest, St Joseph High School,Bangalore
- National Institute Of Feshion Technology's SPECTRUM,Bangalore *twice
- Alliance Business School'sTRANSCEND'06(1st.Western Vocal)National Law School's LeGaLa 2006(best vocal solo, best vocal duet, best instrumental solo, best instrumental group, best group) * of the six competing deciplines "best vocal group" goes to St Joseph Medical Collage
- PESIT College B'lore, 2008 Fest(1st Prize) *also as a guest band in Anual Hostal Day of the institution
- BMSIT, New Campus
- Ambedkar Institute Of Technology, B'lore
- Purple Haze, Mysore
- Legends Of Rock,Koromangala,Bangaluru

**Apart from these gigs the band played in many pubs, malls, etc. including various invites.

                 The band got disbanned on January, 2010 but music still stays alive in all the band members. An endless heartiest thanks to all the band mates for all the best time and the many music we played together. A lot of respect to Adon Lepcha, Pramesh Rajkumar and Puiia Hmar for an impossible SLP without them.

                 Whatever happens let the friendship that the SLP brought last forever in our lives.


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